Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment

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Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment Basic Information

Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment mainly by the feed chute, stirring separation machine, water systems, screening systems, Whey homogenization, recycling and reuse of waste slurry system composed of a total of six parts. When the residual concrete and water into the trough, while continuously circulating water injected at the impact of water, mixed with water slurry feed inlet into the Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment, thoroughly cleaned of residual aggregate.

Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment Working Principle

Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment mainly by the separation system, water supply and drainage system, electric control system, the lubrication system. Separation separation system using current best screen scrolling row of holes, and configure automatic sweeping stone bodies and the most advanced optical automation and control systems, Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment is mainly used for the remaining aggregate, sand, water recycling separation using the aggregate device may solve the pollution problem, and can save resources. Not only can the aggregate mixer in sand, stone, Whey-time automatic separation of cleaning, and to ensure that sand, stone, water reuse, wastewater through three settling ponds, sedimentation and then pumped into the recycling machine , the full realization of zero discharge of sewage, which saves resources and protect the environment, the true sense reflects the rational design of aircraft, maintenance and easy to use, low power consumption, high return on investment, etc., is the best sand separation the green energy products.

Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment Structure

Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment compact structure, simple operation, the control process can be manual, automatic, fault full display, easy to transport, installation, and maintenance. Effective spacious work area, providing one to two cars while unloading and cleaning as needed.

Separation System: sieve tubes spiral forward direction with the horizontal tilt design makes Aggregate And Sand can be charged flipped and accept water jets to clean and separated in a limited screening process. Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment precipitate overflow tank sump is disposed such that a reasonable degree of sand can be fully separated from the slurry, conveying auger housing wall and a non-symmetrically arranged, Aggregate And Sand accumulation layer can effectively prevent wear, extended helix, Aggregate And Sand can be fully dehydrated during transport. Gravel disposable completely separated. Separation ability may 0-30 t/h.

Water supply and drainage systems: the cleaning process using cyclic cleaning system-wide, so basically zero discharge of sewage, water recycling rate is high.

Electronic control system: PLC control by the Japanese original, more powerful, more convenient maintenance, automatic process control, fault full display, alarm. Increase the Aggregate And Sand Sorting Equipment stability and reliability, all control modules are loaded weatherproof switch box, fully automatic operation easy control and maintenance.

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