Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine

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Artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant

During the Artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant, Artificial Crushed Sand product quality will directly affect the quality of concrete, so when designing Artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant must be careful, in accordance with Artificial Crushed Sand powder in dehydration and loss of more sand washing machine wash sand , SBM particular the use of the artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant in 5X and VSI series impact crusher (Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine) and ancillary machine (jaw crusher, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, etc.), specializes in the production of Artificial Crushed Sand, with finished tablets merciful, into sand rate, adjustable fineness modulus, and low production cost. In ensuring the highest production of Artificial Crushed Sand premise, SBM additionally study design a reliable sand recovery process, both to reduce the Artificial Crushed Sand production costs, but also improve the Artificial Crushed Sand Artificial Crushed Sand production and adjust the fineness modulus.

Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine

According SBM Artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant layout and production of finished sand consists of three parts by a certain percentage by mixing. Three sand production allocation statistics for: bottom floor sieve sieve, sieve residue down stone chips accounted for 20% to 30%, rod mill sand production accounted for 20% ~ 28%, vertical impact crusher (Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine) sand production accounted for 40% to 45%. Three sand fineness modulus statistics for screening the bottom floor was gritty stone chips 3.3-3; rod mill Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine sand production is about 2.4 for sand, pebbles Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine sand production 2.7 to 2.9 for coarse sand. Mixing process SBM Artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant processing three sand is: first floor at the bottom of the mixing and screening sand and impact crusher (Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine) Check the bottom of the sieve sand, fine sand mixed with rod mill after entering the warehouse stockpiling finished sand. Loading platform to get the belt through the warehouse to the finished sand. Final test sand fineness modulus, particle size distribution and content of the loading platform powder yard were, if found fineness modulus, dust content is too large or too small, the ratio of particle size distribution deviation, timely feedback to the production workshop, adjusting machine combinations.

Improve Artificial Crushed Sand Fineness

Fineness modulus is an important indicator of the quality of Artificial Crushed Sand, directly affecting the workability, strength, impermeability and economic indicators concrete. Because different parts of the country Artificial Artificial Crushed Sand Making Machine production of mineral resources, production and processing machine and processes sand of different produce Artificial Crushed Sand type and grade distribution may be a big difference. SBM through a comprehensive test on a variety of factors machine, people, materials, environment, technology and other analysis to identify the key reasons and take a number of control measures targeted to make Artificial Crushed Sand fineness modulus reached the contractual requirements. At present, China the largest of the Three Gorges project, Xiaolangdi projects are the use of Artificial Crushed Sand SBM Artificial Crushed Sand Making Plant processing preparation of concrete, Artificial Crushed Sand formulated from ordinary concrete and pumping concrete C10-C70, and pumping the maximum height of 400m; preparation of a span of 64m prestressed concrete beams. The actual strength of concrete 90 days in the laboratory design strength C100 reaches 155Mpa. Artificial Crushed Sand can be widely used in concrete, mortar and articles. Artificial Crushed Sand get in real life are widely used, with the development of technology, it may completely replace the natural sand, which will show the broad prospects for development of Artificial Crushed Sand manufacturing industry.

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