Clinker Grinding Unit For Ash Handling

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Basic Information of Ash Handling System For Clinker Grinding Unit

Ash Handling System uses diffusion level cyclone + pulse bag filter approach, compact structure, reasonable layout, and the use of advanced media technology, cleaning technology, control technology, fully able to meet Clinker Ash collection, company R & D staff of the pulse bag filter structures were technical improvements, and achieved good results, to solve the high Clinker Grinding Unit problem collecting Clinker Ash concentration, Clinker Ash effect customer satisfaction.

Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling System Application

Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling can be widely used in cement crushing, packaging, library roof, clinker cooler and a variety of Clinker Grinding Unit and other Clinker Ash removal system. As for coal grinding Clinker Ash, to add anti-burning riot measures, Clinker Ash agency also changed accordingly, is also suitable for special high Clinker Ash concentration of Clinker Ash gases, such as grinding system with O-Sepa separator, the gas containing Clinker Ash concentrations up to 1000g / m3 (standard) or more, the use of Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling, may not be set as a cyclone Clinker Ash collector. Except for the cement inClinker Ashry, but also used in metallurgy, chemical, mechanical and civil boiler flue gas Clinker Ash collection. Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling bag material, commonly used polyester needle felt, allowing continuous use temperature of not more than 120 ℃. Such as the use of aramid needle felt filter bag (NOMEX), which allows the use of temperature up to 210 ℃, but this material is expensive filter. The exhaust gas temperature treatment is higher than the above-mentioned filter permissible temperature, exhaust gas into the Clinker Ash just before the cooling measures should be taken.

Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling System Working Principle

Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling by the portion of the housing, ash bucket, ash devices, stents and pulse cleaning system formed. When Clinker Ash from the inlet into the filter, inlet and outlet in the middle of the first encounter oblique separator, air will flow into the hopper steering, while the air flow slows down, due to inertia, coarse particles in the gas directly into the gray Clinker Ash bucket, played the role of Clinker Ash in advance. Airflow into the hopper and then fold up through the bag with metal skeleton inside, Clinker Ash trapped in the outer surface of the bag, the gas purification into the bag after the upper chamber of the clean room, aggregated to the exhaust duct. Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling air inlet located on the hopper, the first encounter baffle inlet pipe ends after the airflow into the hopper, its role and said the same principle. When the running resistance of the filter reaches a certain value, the control system will signal the control solenoid pulse valve is open, into the high-pressure air injected into the bag to remove the outer surface of the Clinker Ash filter bag. Width and pulse-jet cleaning cycle, automatic continuous cleaning procedures carried out by a dedicated controller. Clinker Grinding Unit Ash Handling such as for cold areas, heating when the outdoor temperature ≤-25 ℃ to calculate when to additional heating devices, Clinker Ash shell should be changed accordingly.

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