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Germany Impact Crushing Equipment Breakthrough

Germany Impact Crushing Equipment is a relatively long history of crushing equipment, compared with the traditional hammer Crushing Equipment, both works similar to the way the crushed material is in shock, but each has its own structure and work process differences, the main difference is that: Germany Impact Crushing Equipment’s board engaged the hammer is a bottom-up investment in material and throw it back to the top of the board, while the hammer Crushing Equipment hammer blow is along the direction of the material falling material. In order to better serve our customers, to meet market demand, SBM introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with market demand and technology trends, digestion and absorption, innovation, technology in the original Impact Crushing Equipment, recently launched Germany Impact Crushing Equipment, SBM Impact Crushing Equipment steady grasp of domestic and foreign markets.

How Germany Impact Crushing Equipment Works?

Impact Crushing Equipment crushing effect on the material, mainly in the following process: The first step is freedom crushing stage, the material into the crushing chamber, immediately subject to the impact of high-speed board hammer, hit each other between the materials, while the hammer and materials friction between the role and materials, so that the materials are crushed crushing cavity. Then, since the high-speed rotation of the hammer impact action on the rotor, so that the material to obtain a very high velocity, strikes the back plate, so that the material is further crushing, which is crushing rebound phase. Finally, grinding crushing stage, after the two crushing effect is not crushing, is greater than the size of the material discharge opening at the discharge port at a high speed rotating grinding and crushing hammer.

Impact Crushing Equipment Market Expansion

2014 SBM New Year weather, to expand market demand, all aspects of aggregate equipment into the domestic and international markets, mostly through SBM experts, on the basis of the original Impact Crushing Equipment and gravel aggregate crushing principle, the new Germany Impact Crushing Equipment, which employs world-class manufacturing processes, selection of the most high-end production materials, heavy-duty rotor design and strict means testing,, rotor analyzed to ensure stable and reliable, ensuring high quality rotor. The improvement of the adjustment device, reducing downtime and repair time, a unique fixture plate hammer, hammer makes higher reliability, making it a job when the coarse material, simplifying the process, saving time and costs. Germany Impact Crushing Equipment used in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemicals, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, in the areas of highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, sand processing and other widely used, Impact Crushing Equipment is perfect for crushing various soft, medium and hard ore crushing, secondary crushing, crushing operations, especially in Germany Impact Crushing Equipment unique exterior design, the achievements of a breakthrough attempt.

Germany Impact Crushing Equipment for Sale

In the gravel and sand production line, the need to use different types of rough crushing, crushing and crushing equipment. After Germany Impact Crushing Equipment is a use of impact energy to be crushing machinery, usually as a second or third step crushing through Jaw Crushing Equipment crushing large materials, and then to Germany Impact Crushing Equipment, and crushing into 20 mm to 60 mm particles. In recent years, the healthy development of the German economy, SBM is to seize the opportunity, and adhere to the road of independent innovation, Germany Impact Crushing Equipment steady grasp of domestic and foreign markets.

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