Hydraulic Press For Crushed Concrete Tiles

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Concrete Tiles Meaning

Concrete Tiles is a new home construction waste. Only a year in Nanjing have 8 million tons of construction waste. Before construction waste is usually buried in a simple, stockpiling and other measures, but such an extensive way, serious occupation of land, and air, water and other pollution generated great, now through the concrete block construction waste processing is not only the outcome environmental pollution problems, but also has its own advantages Concrete Tiles. Concrete Tiles is not only lightweight, as well as high shock, strength, good thermal insulation properties, low price and so on. Compared with the production of solid clay bricks, also produce 150 million standard bricks, construction waste produced by the regeneration of Concrete Tiles, can reduce borrow 240,000 cubic meters, construction waste and other waste elimination on more than 40 million tons, 340 acres of conservation land .

Concrete Tiles Production Process

As we saw in the factory: a truck from waste concrete crushing processed into recycled coarse aggregate, workers back into the groove, after picking up crushed into a fine sieve aggregate, and these fine aggregate, but also through the automatic transmission system into the concrete mixer, mixing, two-way hydraulic forming, automatic filling, automatic ejection, high temperature curing …… a block concrete Tiles officially launched.

Hydraulic Press For Crushed Concrete Tiles

Hydraulic machine is a kind of a liquid as the working medium, formed in accordance with Pascal’s principle is used to transfer energy to achieve various process machines. Hydraulic machine generally consists of three parts of the machine (host), power systems and hydraulic control system. Hydraulic valve hydraulic classification, liquid hydraulic machines, hydraulic engineering machine. During the Concrete Tiles Production Process, after the concrete crushed, it will be bathed with many other material, the it will rely on hydraulic machine pressed into blocks, it’s the finished Concrete Tiles.

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