Improving Dust Capture In Crushing Plants

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Dust pollution In Crushing Plants

Dust Capture In Crushing Plants for processing mining crushing open or underground Crushing Plants Crushing Plants piercing, drilling, blasting, loading, crushing and other processes are dust distribution, polluted working environment and atmosphere. No dust control measures dry drilling operations, its face in the dust concentration per meter. Up to hundreds or thousands of milligrams. When broken underground cavern no dust control measures, dust concentration per meter. Thousands of milligrams.

Different Dust Capture Methods In Crushing Plants

Crushing Plants integrated dust removal technology is mainly spraying dust. According to the characteristics of dust sources were used for dust suppression sprinkling, spraying dust cover Crushing Plants Dust Capture and other wet dust control measures. After unconditional wet Crushing Plants Dust Capture or wet Crushing Plants Dust Capture frozen, mainly the standard when dryland, you need to adopt an integrated approach to mechanical dust or mechanical dust and wet Crushing Plants Dust Capture and used simultaneously. Mechanical removal of equipment to fit Crushing Plants characteristics, requiring a simple structure, are small and compact, easy migration, moisture-proof and durable. At each step of an integrated dust control measures job requirements are not met, you need to take personal protection.

Ways of Improving Dust Capture In Crushing Plants

  • (1) Rock Crushing Plants Dust Capture. Priority high removal efficiency of wet drilling. When not have wet drilling conditions, can be dry Dust Capture drilling, dry drilling into the Rock Dust Capture Dust Capture mouth to draw dust or smoke dust cover both forms at the hole bottom. Not a lot of water under the circumstances, can be used foam dust, soon pressed into the hole bottom foam or spray at the orifice, or the introduction of foam dust precipitator air purifier.
  • (2) Blasting Crushing Plants Dust Capture. Maximum dust production, dust production time blasting Material to be crushed concentrate. Main Crushing Plants Dust Capture measures blasting spray sprinklers and water seal. Spray sprinklers often start blasting wave sprayer, water purification and water curtain air ejector and the like.
  • (3) The shipment Crushing Plants Dust Capture. Material to be crushed dumps, rock loader, loaders, scrapers, tub, belt conveyor and chute Material to be crushed, loading and other operations are generating a lot of dust, can be spray sprinklers, ventilation and other measures to prevent dust sealed circulated.
  • (4) Crushing Plants Dust Capture. Crushing equipment for all kinds of dust generated by the work, on the basis of the device closed, can be used wet Crushing Plants Dust Capture and mechanical joint dust removal measures. Mechanical dust purification equipment using baghouse or wet scrubber. Underground crushing chamber in the dust should be used in wet scrubbers, when the exhaust removal system can not be discharged to return to the wind tunnel or on the ground, but only when in situ emissions, exhaust subject to high efficiency filter processing.
  • (5) perforation Crushing Plants Dust Capture. Produce a lot of dust when Opencast perforation rig, drilling feng shui can be mixed within a wet drilling, the hole outside the dry Dust Capture, Wet Dust Capture and other measures. Using external dry Dust Capture hole due to the high initial dust concentration, required a two-stage cyclone and baghouse purification.

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