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Quartz and Quartz Sand

Quartz is a hard, wear-resistant, stable chemical properties of silicate minerals, the main mineral component is silicon dioxide (SiO2), through quartz crusher, quartz sand making machine and other specialized equipment processing since become quartz sand . Quartz sand is an important industrial raw material, depending on the processing granularity, usually divided into ordinary quartz sand, fine quartz sand, high purity quartz sand, fused silica sand and silica powder, such as several, including high-purity quartz sand is carefully selection, fine processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, and rapid development of today’s IT industry has a very wide range of applications.

Quartz Sand Making Machine Manufacturers

Among the many high-purity quartz sand processing equipment in order to produce high-purity quartz sand making us the most widely used. State of the World is a professional engaged in large-scale crushing and screening equipment crusher, Sand Making Machine Manufacturers, which for quartz hard, wear-resistant properties, the introduction of foreign advanced sand learning technology, has developed a PCL Sand, VSI sand making machine, 5X sand making machine and a series of advanced technology and excellent quality of high-purity quartz sand processing equipment.

New Type Quartz Sand Making Machine – 5X Sand Making Machine

Among them, 5X Sand Making Machine as the latest generation equipment, which uses deep cavity-type rotor through optimal design after the material throughput increased by about 30%; important American industries with highly wear-resistant high-temperature materials, greatly improving the useful life of equipment; modular hammer design, such as the hammer wear, just replace the worn parts, the cost can be reduced more than 30%; diamond impact block, which can effectively prevent material damage immediately after impact and wear plate; Japan, Sweden, United States and other international well-known brand bearings, bearing avoid frequent replacement; hydraulic parts imported from Japan lid device can quickly and easily move the cover, inspection and maintenance is very convenient. 5X Quartz Sand Making Machine not only made ​​Takasago efficiency, long life equipment, and yield, good quality product gravel, grain shape evenly, perfect, was elected unanimously approved the industry and customers optimum purity Quartz Sand Making Machine.

5X Quartz Sand Making Machine is Popular

Currently, 5X Quartz Sand Making Machine has indisputably become the most favored customers of high-purity Quartz Quartz Sand Making Machine, the fine quartz sand which has successfully transformed after processing quality industrial raw material, widely used in glass, ceramics, refractories, building materials, machinery, chemicals, electronics, rubber, paint, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors of production, good effect, by industrial sector favorite.

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