Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill Design

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Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill Basic Information

Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill stable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption; adjustable control product size, extensive grinding material applications; with a special dust Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill, dust emission concentration in full compliance with national environmental regulations. Small Scale Mining Stamp for the vertical structure, small footprint, complete and strong, and the host transmission device adopts airtight gear box, transmission smooth.

Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill Application

Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill electrical system with centralized control, advanced and reasonable selection, high degree of automation, small feeder volume light weight, easy to adjust and power. Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower industry has a wide range of applications, is the processing of quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, aluminum ideal for bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite and other materials.

Feature of Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill Design

  • 1. Host Frequency Regulation.
    Host speed variable frequency control, easy adjustment, speed precision, the material sorting controllable, depending on the material properties, fineness, production requirements adjusted so that Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill maximize efficiency and optimum operation, effectively reducing energy consumption and wear.
  • 2, Duct Curved Design.
    Overcome the shortcomings of the airflow into the knuckle too big resistance, airflow molecules collide with each other so that the amount of wind damage in the Cartesian tradition Mining Stamp Mill existence duct design, bold use of curved duct design, air flow smoothly, reducing drag, reducing the amount of wind loss, material flow resistance, and not blocking material, increasing into the analysis machine classifier rate and increase production.
  • 3, Curved Observe Doors, Strip Jiaka Unique Slot Design.
    Viewing port and observation door curved design, observation door upgraded to rubber Jiaka groove design, this unique design increases product appearance at the same time, durable, good sealing effect, eliminate the traditional right-angle viewing port and observation gate leakage possibilities, effectively guaranteeing the smooth operation of Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill.
  • 4, External Grinding Ring Clamping Device.
    Grinding ring compression adjustment is set to the external parts of the special adjustment mouth, adjust maintenance convenient, avoiding the tedious process of adjustment disassemble, saving time and greatly reduce repair and maintenance costs.
  • 5, Analysis Machine, The Body Split Design.
    Analysis machine and the body using an independent sub-structure designed to avoid resonance and enhance Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill Run stability, increased product life.
  • 6, Using Multi-Port Modular Powder Collector.
    Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill multi-port modular powder collector, a combination of six powder collector into one, more efficient conduct of the finished powder separator and collected, finished powder can not be pulled out to avoid being sent back to the grinding chamber fan secondary grinding, thereby improving the efficiency of the election powder and powder collector.
  • 7, Grinding Parts Additional Pressing Device.
    Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill grinding parts additional pressing device, improve balance and vertical parts of the grinding pressure roller assembly to improve the Small Scale Mining Stamp Mill performance.

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