Working Principle Of Ball Mill

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Abstract: The current domestic and international mineral grinding mill is still commonly used equipment, but many people do not understand the mill works. This article will detail the ball mill works, you later want to buy or operating mill helpful.

Working Principle Of Ball Mill

After an appropriate speed when running, ball mill grinding media and the material together, under the effect of centrifugal force and friction has been elevated to a certain height, due to gravity from the tube wall along a parabolic trajectory whereabouts. Then, they are also being raised to a certain height, and then fall along a parabolic trajectory, again and again, so that in the material between the grinding media was shattered by the impact of the action. Meanwhile, since the rolling and sliding wear of the grinding media, by grinding the particles, friction, shearing action is ground.

Size determines the speed of the ball mill barrel effect of grinding media campaign status and grinding operations. When a small number of revolutions, the full height of the ball bearing is lifted is small, only a certain upward deflection angle, wherein each of the media are about their axis. When the tilt angle of the ball bearing is more than media (balls or balls, etc.) on the surface of the ball bearing natural angle of repose, the medium that is rolling along this slope, this movement is called spilled off the state of the medium. In the fall-state spilled ball work, the material between the media mainly by grinding stripping effect, the impact effect is small. If the ball’s speed is high enough, the media while rotating the cylinder wall to do with the movement of the circular curve rises to a certain height, and then have to do parabolic fall, this movement is called the falling state formula. In the falling ball type state work, the material stripping effect of grinding media in circular curve sports area, where falling in the medium, the material impact medium and strong tumbling action of grinding stripping medium, so this movement state supreme ore grinding efficiency. When the number of revolutions of the ball mill exceeds a certain limit, the media is attached to the cylinder wall and not in the fall, this state is called centrifugal operation, the occurrence of centrifugal operation, the material is also running along with the cylinder, neither impact the role of the media, grinding peel effect is weak.

Ball Mill Specifications

Mill specifications with cylinder diameter*length indicates. But domestic mill model specifications representation at the various factories still not unified, such as diameter 900MM*1800MM overflow-type ball mill is expressed as MQY0918, MQY900*1800, etc; for lattice-type ball mill, whether wet or dry and are represented by MQG, some small plants are represented by MQS wet, MQG represents dry; however, according to the text description can often points clear. Ball mill grinding equipment is still widely used at home and abroad, including lattice-type and overflow-type ball mill is commonly used in non-metallic mineral beneficiation grinding equipment, short tube mill is widely used in calcite, dolomite, quartz, zircon sand and other non-metallic finely ground ore and ultrafine grinding (to form a closed circuit grader jobs).

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