Aggregate Mica Flakes From Bauxite

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Mica Flakes Basic Information

Mica Flakes consists of phengite, quartz, garnet and rutile, etc., may be albite, zoisite and hard chlorite, garnet-rich Fe and Mg, Si phengite of up to 3.369, also high pressure combinations. There are thermal insulation and low-loss function, or a good blackbody.

Natural Mica Flakes is a thick piece of mica after stripping points, thick-cut, drilled or punched is made with a certain thickness, a certain shape Mica parts, Mica Flakes suitable for TV, power capacitors, thermal relays, the monitor display , aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat-resistant matrix tablets, etc., as raw material. Score: electric heater chip heater protective sheet, gaskets, tube sheets, light bulbs sheet material for its natural mineral products, with no pollution, insulation resistance, voltage good performance characteristics, can be a variety of punching according to customer demand natural Mica Flakes.

Bauxite Aggregate Brief Introduction

Bauxite Aggregate pass by Mica Flakes have been selected, high-temperature roasting, grinding, subheads and other processing of the high-quality refractories. Bauxite Aggregate has aluminum-containing high, low iron, high hardness, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high refractoriness, thermal and chemical properties such as excellent stability characteristics.

Aggregate Mica Flakes From Bauxite

Currently, Bauxite mainly used in the refractory industry, and refractory industry called Aggregate Mica Flakes usually refers calcined Al2O3> = 48%, so the following Bauxite Aggregate production and processing technology has become mainstream.

  • 1. Raw materials into high-temperature calcination furnace calcination, drying may also be part of the way;
  • 2. Bauxite calcined through small jaw crusher or hammer crusher broken, then is fed into Bauxite Mill;
  • 3. After Bauxite crushing mill after entering the production system, the entire milling, grading and other operations processes and procedures are completed within the mill automation, operating crew should pay close attention to the cabinet meter data;
  • 4. Qualified Aggregate Mica Flakes released by the discharge valve, packaging products.

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