Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

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Calcite Basic Introduction

Calcite belongs to hexagonal, its chemical composition is CaCO3, the most important carbonate minerals, has full rhombohedral cleavage, shiny glass, transparent to translucent, ordinary white or colorless, hardness 3.0, specific gravity of 2.71, can be dissolved in dilute hydrochloric acid and sparkling, pure and transparent called Iceland Spar, with a strong birefringence and complete cleavage. Limestone, marble and beautiful main mineral of is the calcite stalactites.

Calcite Powder Application

Calcite powder for artificial stone, artificial floor tiles, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, paint, plastic, composite new calcium plastics, cables, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks, cables, electrical insulation, food, textile, feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt, building materials, linoleum building supplies, fire ceilings and chemical products such as filler.

New Calcite Powder Grinding Mill Design

Over the years, mastered by SBM ultrafine powder equipment and processing technology, the application of traditional Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment problems arising in the course of a comprehensive and thorough technological innovations. We use traditional Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment was found, Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment in the processing of calcite powder, 325 mesh ore contains large amounts of 10um ultrafine slag, if it can be separated and expand production, will significantly improve efficiency.

Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment for which we structure a lot of renovation: to host the traditional way has been improved, the spindle and plum frame were conducive to the stability of structural transformation, keep it running smoothly. Center no swing. The traditional part of the analysis machine towed by a cavity, the cavity to the external cavity hanging rotary drive two isolation, thereby enhancing their job stability and durability.

In the crush zone portion, so be Calcite Powder Grinding Milled grind calcite always gathered in the area for effective processing, improve the grinding efficiency, we also Calcite Powder Grinding Mill roll structure has been updated so that the grinding roller and grinding rollers can complement each run. In the rotation while also revolves. So that more effectiveness and durability. And to work in greater grinding force and a higher operating speed.

In the ventilation section, bellows duct original level by the end of the tilt of 30 degrees toward the center to form a bucket-shaped, ensure bellows, duct always smooth without clogging, thus always maintain the required air flow, the host Calcite Powder Grinding Mill at high efficiency. In the design of the entire system from the traditional two to four collection collected. Twelve collected by vacuum lock loop type collection, no dust overflow, overflow thirty-four collected using a controlled series of wet and dry collection, eliminate dust overflow. While the entire system to collect ultra-fine powder, to prevent or reduce pollution of the surrounding environment.

New Calcite Powder Grinding Mill Feature

Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment using the above new machine can calcite, dolomite, talc, kaolin, barite, rutile, fluorite and other non-metallic mineral ultrafine grinding. Proven, selection of feed size of 25mm grinding calcite, adjusted to 1250 when the fineness of mesh (10um), the output can reach 400kg/h, while the input power only need 23kw. Than the traditional Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment has significantly higher price.

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill Manufacturer in India

For different ores, SBM Raymond Calcite Powder Grinding Mill equipment has launched powder machine, high pressure hanging roller Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, high pressure micro powder Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, ultrafine powder Calcite Powder Grinding Mill and other Calcite Powder Grinding Milling machinery, with the jaw crusher and hoists etc. Affiliated Calcite Powder Grinding Milling machine to complete processing of the various requirements of different materials, fully able to keep up with the customer’s production process.

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