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Carbon Black Grinding Machine operation points

Operation of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine The operation of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine can be summarized as one look, two considerations, three adjustments, and four stability. At first glance, it is to look at the parameters of the various measuring points of the equipment and determine the operation of the equipment. Secondly, the kiln grinding wind must be taken into consideration. The water spray and the grinding water of the humidification tower should be taken into consideration; three adjustments, wind adjustment and seasoning , adjustable speed; four stable, stable layer thickness, stable Carbon Black Grinding Machine vibration value, stable grinding pressure difference, stable product fineness and moisture.

Stabilizing the bed and maintaining the stability of the bed is the basis for the operation of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine and the key to normal operation. The thickness of the layer can be achieved by adjusting the height of the retaining ring. The correspondence between the mill output and the appropriate layer thickness should be found during the commissioning phase. If the material layer is too thick, the grinding efficiency is lowered, and the material layer is too thin to cause vibration, so reasonable adjustment must be made. If the rolling pressure is increased, more fine powder is produced, the material layer will become thinner; the rolling pressure is reduced, the grinding disc material becomes thicker, and more materials are returned, which is also required to be noted.

In addition, the Carbon Black Grinding Machine should pay attention to the configuration of the appropriate material-gas ratio, not to appear “saturated” phenomenon, too much material in the bed, and there is no “empty grinding” phenomenon, that is, the material bed is too thin, pay attention to the main motor at any time. The current changes, and the amount of air blown by the mill and the speed of the classifier are corrected at any time.

Hot-blast stove grinding operation management: The drying contact is on-site to confirm that there is a suitable oil level in the diesel-deficient tank. If it is the first grinding of the new mill, the baking time is long, and the heating rate is slow and stable. Before the temperature rise, start the kiln tail fan, close the two bypass air valves, adjust the fan grinding outlet and the inlet baffle, and increase the ventilation slightly after ignition. After confirming that the hot blast stove is lit, adjust the oil supply amount by adjusting.

The central control operation of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine is not static. It is necessary to combine the different grinding conditions at each moment and comprehensively analyze and adjust the various operating parameters to make the system optimized. Otherwise, it will not reach the hard cover. Expected purpose.

In short, during the operation of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine, reasonable operation will make our machine run better and achieve better benefits.

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