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Cement Clinker Grinding Machine noise control method


 As a large-scale equipment, it is inevitable that noise is generated during the operation of the mining equipment. However, if the sound of the equipment is too loud, it will cause certain harm to the life of the operators and the surrounding residents. It is also known as noise pollution. Shanghai Shibang experts told us that the noise generated by mining equipment during operation can be reduced to a low level by certain measures. This article takes the Cement Clinker Grinding Machine as an example to explain.


Cement Clinker Grinding Machine is a grinding equipment commonly used in chemical, metallurgical, mining and other industries. It produces noise of 95dB(A) and up to 120dB(A) during production, which is one of the strong noises in industrial production. So it must be controlled.


What methods can reduce the noise generated by the Cement Clinker Grinding Machine? SBM research found that there are three main methods to control the noise generation. They are installed with sound insulation cover, sound insulation room and soft sound insulation curtain.


1, sound insulation cover


The sound insulation cover covers the entire Cement Clinker Grinding Machine, and a sound absorber is added inside the cover to eliminate the reverberation noise. This method usually achieves a 25-45dB noise reduction effect, but does not effectively isolate the Cement Clinker Grinding Machine noise from propagating to the outside world. Common acoustic enclosures are available in both fixed and movable versions. Some Cement Clinker Grinding Machine production suppliers will be equipped with sound insulation enclosures. However, because the Cement Clinker Grinding Machine is too large, this measure has poor ventilation and heat dissipation, and it is inconvenient for maintenance and repair of the machine, so it is rarely used.


 2, soundproof room


As an improvement of the sound insulation cover method, in recent years, the sound insulation of the Cement Clinker Grinding Machine has been widely used in the sound insulation room. It solves the problem of insufficient maintenance and repair space, but there is still a problem of poor ventilation and heat dissipation.


3, soft sound insulation curtain


 The soft sound insulation curtain is a kind of sound insulation equipment newly developed in foreign countries. It uses the soft and elastic sound absorption of fiber material to make the louver type suction and sound insulation curtain, which has good ventilation and lighting performance, high temperature resistance and softness. It is easy to disassemble and use, especially suitable for space-limited Cement Clinker Grinding Machine noise control. This new type of noise-controlled soft sound insulation curtain is gradually replacing the traditional rigid sound insulation structure and has been widely used in the operation of Cement Clinker Grinding Machines.


SBM offers three sound insulation methods to reduce the noise pollution of Cement Clinker Grinding Machines for everyone to choose. SBM specializes in the production of Cement Clinker Grinding Machines, rod mills, sand making machines, crushers, mills and other mining equipment.

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