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Reasons for affecting the particle size of Coal Briquette Machines


With the development of science and technology, the standards for materials in various industries are constantly improving. From the perspective of building materials, the coarse aggregate produced by traditional milling technology has been unable to keep pace with the times. The Coal Briquette Machine adopts advanced German ultra-fine powder technology, but some users do not use the normal production level of ultra-fine powder technology. We summarize the reasons that affect the particle size of the material, and hope to provide assistance to related enterprises.

First of all, the hardness of the material can largely determine the fineness of the finished product. Why do you say that? As we all know, there are many kinds of ore, and the ore with different hardness needs different processing techniques. For example, marble powder, as a high-hardness material, marble must first pass through the crushing process before entering the Coal Briquette Machine for milling. This can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure that marble powder meets the needs of the market. Simply put, the grinding process of high-hardness materials is subject to reprocessing and reasonable production line configuration.

The second factor affecting the fineness of the material is the choice of the crushing equipment, or the degree of fragmentation of the previous material. The Coal Briquette Machine has strict requirements on the particle size of the feed. If the crushing effect in the previous step is not good and the particle size is not uniform, it will definitely affect the production operation of the next Coal Briquette Machine. This is the suggestion given by the Liaoyang Coal Briquette Machine supplier that the equipment in each link of a production line should be able to complement and interact with each other.

In addition to the above two factors, the third more important factor is the Coal Briquette Machine itself. The working principle of the Coal Briquette Machine is similar. The material is shoveled by the blade and grinded between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The blower sucks air from the base of the mill into the grinding chamber, and the large particles of material will fall back to the regrind. In accordance with the fineness requirements, it will enter the finished powder collector with the airflow. The price of Coal Briquette Machine is low in the country, and the advanced grinding technology has become an essential equipment for the development of cement, concrete and bentonite.

The above are some of the reasons we have influenced the material fineness in the Coal Briquette Machine engineering process. I believe that you will have more choices when purchasing Coal Briquette Machines.

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