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How to improve the output of Coal Hammer Mill

In the process of mineral processing, the problem of low output of Coal Hammer Mill and low powder output is often encountered. The low output directly leads to low efficiency and low efficiency, which will not meet the requirements of production investors, and investors will bear huge The cost pressure; for this reason, many investors are actively looking for a reasonable and effective way to solve the problem of low production capacity of Coal Hammer Mills. The Coal Hammer Mill can choose different Coal Hammer Mills according to different fineness. The processed slag powder can be selected as the strong pressure Coal Hammer Mill below 300 mesh. If the customer’s processing fineness is above 300, Shanghai Shibang is generally selected. Ultra-fine Coal Hammer Mill. We can only solve the problem fundamentally if we choose the right Coal Hammer Mill.

Under the premise of choosing the right Coal Hammer Mill, we will further analyze the reasons for the low productivity of the Coal Hammer Mill. In general, the reason for the low powder output of the Coal Hammer Mill in the industry is mainly whether the grinding roller of the Coal Hammer Mill is damaged, whether the motor power is suitable, and whether there is a blockage or the like. Analyze the reasons for the low efficiency of the equipment, and then carry out reasonable and effective maintenance care to solve the problem.

The professional maintenance personnel inspect the grinding roller of the Coal Hammer Mill. The main symptoms of the damage of the Coal Hammer Mill roller are that the fineness of the finished slag powder is not reached, and the fine granular fine powder appears, and the fine powder is powdered. The amount of serious decline, etc., professional technicians can carry out various inspections on the structure of the strong pressure suspension roller Coal Hammer Mill according to experience. This aspect of the inspection must be carried out in a regular inspection, to find problems in a timely manner to solve problems, to avoid unnecessary economic losses. The output of the Coal Hammer Mill slag is reduced due to electric power, mainly because the electric power is not enough, resulting in the equipment running unsmoothly, and the actual running rate per unit time is relatively slow, resulting in a relatively low output of slag powder in a unit time. In such a situation, it is necessary to check whether the components of the power distribution cabinet of the Coal Hammer Mill are normal, and whether the capacitor has a bulging condition or the like. In addition, the phenomenon of blockage is also the cause of the low yield of slag powder, which is mainly caused by uneven feeding. The main material of the Coal Hammer Mill can process the same mineral raw materials per unit time, and feed in a short time. Not only can not increase production, but it will cause the Coal Hammer Mill host to block the material. The solution to this problem is to let the materials in the Coal Hammer Mill main machine be ground and then feed smoothly and orderly. It is better to use a vibrating feeder to feed smoothly.

These are a number of effective ways to increase the productivity of Coal Hammer Mills. It is very rare to have a low yield under the premise that the equipment is selected correctly, and even if there is a problem, it will be very easy to solve. Shanghai Shibang not only produces high-efficiency Coal Hammer Mills, but also produces milling equipment suitable for a variety of applications. The price of its powerful Coal Hammer Mill is also very reasonable and is very suitable for many domestic and foreign enterprise users.

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