Coal Mill In Power Plant

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Coal Power Mill operating principle and maintenance steps

Preparation for Coal Power Mill before formal work

  • l. The successor should know the working condition and integrity of the equipment in the previous shift, as well as the actual materials used in the storage of the silo bin and the next process.
  • 2. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the lubrication condition of the Coal Power Mill fuel tank, the worm gear box and the spindle bearing and whether the grinding machine is running normally.
  • 3. Refuel the Coal Power Mill main engine and main shaft, check whether the marbles, blades, grinding rings and suspension rollers in the machine are worn or not. Also check the running part of the grinding roller and the looseness of the screws. At the same time check the horizontal axis of the disk, if there is no problem, you can boot.
  • 4. Check if the relevant valves of the dust collector and the air duct are open, and whether the damper is adjusted in the proper position and blocked.

Coal Power Mill specific operating procedures

  • 1. First start the bucket elevator and crusher to make the material enter the crusher and crush the material to the specified particle size range. When the storage hopper is about 50%, the Coal Power Mill can be started for grinding.
  • 2. Turn on the analyzer and electromagnetic speed control motor, and adjust the number of revolutions of the main engine to the required speed to meet the requirements of fineness of powder.
  • 3. Start the blower.
  • 4. Start the Coal Power Mill grinding machine.
  • 5, start the feeder, according to the work requirements, adjust the amount of feed and achieve a uniform feed.
  • 6. Correct shutdown sequence: first stop the jaw crusher, bucket elevator, and then stop the feeder. After stopping feeding for a few minutes, there is no excess material in the grinding chamber, stop the milling machine, and then stop the blower, then stop. Analytical machine.

Precautions for Coal Power Mill operation

  • 1. Turn off all access doors before starting the Coal Power Mill.
  • 2. The Coal Power Mill must not maintain the Coal Power Mill during operation or repair and rotate parts are not allowed to refuel to ensure the safe production process.
  • 3. In the operation of the Coal Power Mill, if there is abnormal sound or sudden increase of load in any part, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated, and it is sure that there is no problem before the machine can be turned on to continue working.
  • 4. Anyone who continues to produce after sudden shutdown and troubleshooting, must take out the excess material in the Coal Power Mill. Otherwise, the Coal Power Mill will cause excessive current when it starts.

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