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Mobile Coal Crusher price

Many customers pay more attention to price issues and like to search online for quotations about Mobile Coal Crushers. In this state, experts only want to say that online quotations are not credible. Let’s not talk about how to quote online. Let’s find out how to set the price, taking SBM as an example.

Factor 1: SBM considers the cost factor of the product for the pricing of the Mobile Coal Crusher. This factor is the main factor, and the price of the product is calculated based on the cost price. The cost factor is mainly reflected in the equipment raw materials, production workshop workers and other expenses incurred in the production process, which are counted as cost.

Factor 2: The Mobile Coal Crusher is reflected in the regional price. This is to say the importance of the supplier’s geographical location. If the overall consumption level of the supplier’s location is low, then the price of the equipment is lower than that of the developed region. Shibang is located in Shanghai, and Shanghai’s consumption level is in the middle and lower grades, so it will be lower in terms of the price of Mobile Coal Crushers.

Factor 3: The pricing of the Mobile Coal Crusher is also affected by the promotion fee after the product is released. This will be a continuous cost. Each supplier will promote its own products in various media, and will definitely pay More expenses, these costs are added to the product. Unlike the world, most of the companies have fixed customers, and word of mouth can save money and bring benefits to the company.

Shibang Mobile Coal Crusher advantages

1. The Mobile Coal Crusher produced by Shibang uses the airflow in the crushing chamber to present a vortex chamber. The advantage of the vortex chamber is that the internal airflow automatically circulates to reduce the kinetic energy of the equipment. In the production process, the vortex chamber can reduce dust pollution, and the noise is small. The material can automatically form a protective layer at the bottom when entering the vortex chamber, thereby protecting the fuselage.

2. For such equipment that relies on impact kinetic energy to achieve the purpose of crushing, the requirements for wearable parts are very high. When the company produces the equipment, the wearable parts are made of extremely hard and wear-resistant materials, which are light in size and long in service life.

3. If it is used for road construction or construction, the size of sand and gravel particles directly affects the quality of the project. The graininess of the product is very important. Shibang Mobile Coal Crusher has the shaping function for the broken material, so that the finished product is the same size and the graininess is perfect, which makes a preliminary contribution to the project.

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