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Causes of cracks in the cylinder of the Concrete Floor Grinders


Concrete Floor Grinders is one of the commonly used grinding equipments. It is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, cement, ceramics, coal and other industries. In the plant selection, the newly installed Concrete Floor Grinders is prone to cracks in the cylinder and must be repaired in time. During the perennial production and installation process, Shanghai Shibang Concrete Floor Grinders found that the main causes of cracks in the newly installed Concrete Floor Grinders are as follows:

1, the impact of processing technology

The Concrete Floor Grinders cylinder shall have a grinding door and a large lining bolt hole. If the chamfer is lacking during processing, the fatigue resistance of the cylinder will be reduced, resulting in cracks.

2. Breakage of the barrel weld

Welds do not meet the welding standards, which can directly lead to the fracture of the weld, or no stress treatment after welding, resulting in excessive welding stress and cracks. According to the analysis of the bending stress and shear stress of the cylinder, the part with large force is located at both ends of the cylinder. Therefore, in addition to the transition steel plate, the welding of the end plate and the cylinder is very important. The end plate of the Concrete Floor Grinders is thick and the steel plate is thin. The angular contact formed by the two is not a transition arc but a right angle. Here, stress concentration is easy to form, which is the part where the fracture occurs, especially the feed end. The end plate, because the feeding end is close to the coarse grinding bin, the grinding ball inside is larger and the lifting is higher, so the impact force is large, which is also consistent with all the Concrete Floor Grinders cylinder and the end cap broken part happen in the front part.

3. Cracks generated during use

In the process of use, if the bolt is loose or the lining plate falls off, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, the impact of the grinding body and material will easily lead to fatigue of the cylinder and crack.

When the cylinder is cracked, it needs to be treated in time. The cylinder must first be returned to its original position. After the original position is restored, the original weld bead is removed, the crack hole is drilled, and the deformation-proof plate is welded. Rotate the Concrete Floor Grinders so that the crack is on the top of the Concrete Floor Grinders. The weight of the Concrete Floor Grinders is used to make the cracks naturally match. The anti-deformation plate is welded on the high part of the cylinder and covered on the crack. Open the groove, apply welding. After the external welding is completed, the root of the weld shall be root-cleaned and welded. After the root of the weld is cleaned, the flaw detection is applied to determine the root quality. In-mill welding is generally 2 to 4 times, and the weld bead is smashed 2 times in the middle to eliminate internal stress.

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