Concrete Recycling Plant In Evansville Canada

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Canada’S New Concrete Technology Research

Because of the unique climate, building concrete cracking is a very serious problem in Canada, especially in Evansville. To solve this problem, Carleton University engineers have developed a new type of more durable concrete, such concrete greatly enhance the anti-corrosion, cracking performance. This high quality but more may be spent in the concrete during the manufacture of traditional coins concrete, in order to reduce some of the costs, the production of new materials depends on the concrete Concrete Recycling Plant.

Concrete Recycling Plant

The field broken concrete pavement into larger blocks of concrete material transported by the transport vehicle to focus stacking yard. Stockyard generally located in the vicinity of the reconstruction project, in order to reduce transportation costs. Shipped back yard of concrete block material crushing, screening and crushing new aggregate production basically the same, but mainly in the following two differences:

  • 1. Due to the concrete contains recycled wood, pouring materials, plastics and other impurities, so it is necessary to use the device to its crushing, screening before removing. High-pressure air generated by the compressor is generally used in the recovery of these impurities from the feed outlet.
  • 2. Since there are reinforced concrete recycling, dowel bar, rod and other steel products, in order to remove these steels, generally taken in the middle of crushing and screening equipment to increase equipment solenoid device. Currently generally use two sets of electromagnets to more thoroughly remove the steel.

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