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Consol Glass Crusher regularly checked

 The grinding media of the Consol Glass Crusher is highly impactful and suitable for materials with high viscosity and difficult to grind. The main purpose is to use the stirring shaft to drive the grinding medium to perform forced mechanical shearing and grinding, so that the material and the medium are in full contact and grinding, and a cycle is completed to achieve the fineness requirement. Consol Glass Crushers are widely used in coatings, rubber, abrasives, ores, coal powder, metal powders, hard alloys, magnetic materials, etc.

In the fine crushing process, the Consol Glass Crusher regularly checks the use state of the fasteners, whether there is looseness and wear, and whether there is water leakage or oil leakage on the joint surface. If the above situation occurs, it is necessary to repair it in time. All of the lubricant should be released when the equipment is put into operation for one month, then thoroughly cleaned and replaced with new oil.

The newly installed Consol Glass Crusher lining bolts are prone to loosening, and the foundation anchor bolts need to be inspected frequently after being used for a period of time. Regularly check the wearing parts of the consumables. For example, if the lining is worn by 70% or has a crack of 70 mm, it should be replaced in time. Energy-saving Consol Glass Crusher Compared with traditional Consol Glass Crusher, Consol Glass Crusher can reduce the motor power by 18-25%, save lubricant by 70%, save 90% of cooling water, and save energy by more than 20%. . Consol Glass Crushers are widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressings, and glass ceramics.

1. Before driving, check whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether the motor electrical terminals are firm and reliable, and whether the reducer is filled with lubricating oil.

2. During the use of the Consol Glass Crusher, it is necessary to check the condition of each lubrication point frequently, that is, the lubrication state and the oil level; and the temperature rise of the main bearing lubricant does not exceed 55 °C, the temperature rise of the transmission bearing and the reducer is not Above 55 ° C, the height should not exceed 60 ° C.

3. It is necessary to keep the Consol Glass Crusher stable during operation, no strong vibration, and no abnormal noise. Feed should be even to avoid abnormal equipment. The Consol Glass Crusher should be cleaned in time after stopping to prevent the material from drying and solidifying, which will affect the next driving.

The energy-saving Consol Glass Crusher reduces the power of the original motor than the ordinary Consol Glass Crusher, reduces the installed capacity, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing losses. And it runs smoothly and works reliably. Has a good wear resistance. The main bearing is greased and easy to use and clean, eliminating heavy metal contamination.

The sliding bearing of the Consol Glass Crusher is a rolling bearing, which not only has a large bearing capacity, but also has a long service life, and the life of the sliding bearing is increased by more than 5%. Reduce the problem of downtime caused by excessive heating of the sliding bearing. Taking full advantage of the motor capacity, the improved lining structure can increase production by 5% & mdash; 7%. The production process of the traditional Consol Glass Crusher is optimized, the working efficiency of the Consol Glass Crusher is improved, the power consumption is greatly reduced, and the economy is environmentally friendly.

Consol Glass Crusher is used in geology, minerals, metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, environmental protection and other departments. It is an indispensable device for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, nano material dispersion, new product development and high-volume production of high-tech materials. The combination is advantageous and widely used. The Consol Glass Crusher affects the production efficiency due to various factors.

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