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Table Top Wet Grinder


Introduction to Table Top Wet Grinder

Tailings are the more difficult parts to be used in the beneficiation process. Long-term accumulation takes up a large amount of land and investment is large, which causes pollution to the ecological environment. At the same time, it also leads to serious waste of resources. If it is properly selected, it can fully Realize the comprehensive utilization of tailings and achieve good results of “waste utilization”.

The Table Top Wet Grinder is a high-efficiency Table Top Wet Grinder designed specifically for tailings characteristics. It consists of the feeding part, the discharging part and the turning part. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient, high-yield, easy to operate, and low in cost. The characteristics of stable operation and become the key equipment for tailings grinding treatment, then what are the advantages of Table Top Wet Grinder? what is the price? The following is an analysis for everyone.

Table Top Wet Grinder Feature

  • 1. The Table Top Wet Grinder has a short start-up time and is more flexible, which is about 30% lower than the normal working current, and saves nearly 20,000 yuan of electricity every year;
  • 2, the use of new rolling bearing design, and the selection of materials is better, effectively extending the bearing (machine) life of more than 5 years;
  • 3, the use of a new glycerin lubrication series, to maintain lubrication, save more than 85% of oil, lubrication work is simpler and faster;
  • 4, targeted grinding, effectively improve the grinding efficiency, the output is also increased by at least about 60%;
  • 5. The grinding process is non-polluting and can reasonably control the noise within the standard range without causing any pollution problems.

Table Top Wet Grinder price advantage

What is the price of Table Top Wet Grinder? Is the price of each supplier’s equipment the same? For this series of price issues, we will introduce you here, because each supplier’s production strength and location are different, the quality, specifications and models of the equipment provided are also different, so the price of the equipment will be different, but Shibang The Table Top Wet Grinder produced by the Industrial Technology Group has an advantage in price and is at least 20,000 yuan cheaper than other suppliers. The reason is that the supplier is strong and mature, there will be no waste in production and manufacturing, and there is no intermediate price difference for the supplier’s direct selling equipment. In addition, the company’s profit is low, the manufacturing cost of the production equipment will be relatively low, so the price will be cheaper.

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