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Powder Process Machine big gear installation method


The big gear is an important part of the Powder Process Machine transmission. To install the large gear for the Powder Process Machine, it is necessary to follow the correct method. The Shanghai Shibang machine brings the correctness of the Powder Process Machine big gear of the mineral processing equipment. Introduction to the installation method.

The installation of mining equipment needs to be strictly in accordance with the requirements, and no slight error is allowed. In the event of an error, the components may be severely worn or even not working properly during use, so the installer is required to pay special attention.

The axis of the main body of the ore dressing Powder Process Machine should be horizontal, measured at the top of the large flange of the hollow shaft at both ends, and the height should be consistent. When there is an error, the feeding end is allowed to be 1 mm higher than the discharge end. When the bearing seat gland of the hollow shaft at both ends is seen, the gap between the hollow shaft and the bearing gland should be substantially the same, and the gap between the inner and outer gland should be substantially the same. After the main unit has been adjusted to the level, the transmission part can be installed.

First check the quality of the assembly of the transmission part, mainly to check the concentricity of the pinion shaft and the low speed shaft of the reducer. Based on the large gear of the Powder Process Machine, the transmission part is installed and adjusted so that the tooth width of the pinion gear is evenly wider than the tooth surface of the large gear.

From the contact marks of the large and small gears, the contact marks should account for more than 60% of the total length, and the height of the contact marks accounts for about 40% of the full height. If the contact trace is biased towards one end of the flank width, it indicates that the flank is not parallel. If the transmission gear is crushed in a week, the gear clearance is too small, so the pinion should leave the big gear a little. After fixing the position of the Powder Process Machine, the position of the auxiliary beneficiation equipment is determined centering on the Powder Process Machine.

The above is the installation method of the Powder Process Machine large gear introduced by Shanghai Shibang Mineral Processing Engineer. Shanghai Shibang Machinery provides a variety of mineral processing equipment, crushing equipment, milling equipment, cement production line equipment, and purchase any equipment. Shanghai Shibang Machinery will send technicians to the construction site for on-site installation, saving you a lot of trouble! Welcome new and old Customer consultation and purchase.

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