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Gold Ball Mill system process


System technology is a factor affecting the output of Gold Ball Mill. It can be divided into three major sections: loading system, grinding system and finished product storage. Shanghai Shibang Gold Ball Mill supplier will introduce you in detail.

1, grinding system

The material falls from the feeding port to the center of the grinding wheel of the Gold Ball Mill. The motor drives the grinding wheel to rotate through the reducer. Under the action of centrifugal force, it moves to the edge of the grinding disc and is crushed by the grinding roller. The pulverized material overflows from the edge of the grinding disc and is The high-speed upward hot air from the nozzle ring (wind ring) is brought into the high-efficiency classifier integrated with the Gold Ball Mill. The coarse powder is sorted by the separator and returned to the grinding disc for re-grinding; the fine powder is discharged with the air flow. The grinding is collected in the dust collecting device of the system, that is, the product is stored in the finished product bin through the conveying chute and the hoist. The coarse-grained material that has not been taken up by the hot air flow and the accidentally entered metal parts fall from the wind ring, are scraped off by the scraping plate, and are again ground by the externally circulating bucket lifter.

2, loading system

Wet slag, cement clinker, gypsum and other mixed materials are transported into the factory by automobile transportation and stored in the yard. They are sent to the hopper through the forklift. Multiple hoppers can be set according to the actual situation to meet the batching requirements of different products. The bottom of each hopper is provided with a quantitative feedstock, which is transported to the Gold Ball Mill via the transfer station. The transfer station is provided with a vibrating screen for the purpose of removing impurities in the raw materials when producing slag, but the vibrating screen needs to be short-circuited when producing cement. . In order to prevent the metal block from entering the Gold Ball Mill, a stripper and a metal detector are arranged on the belt conveyor.

3, finished product storage

Two mixing machines and an additional active admixture device are arranged at the end of the grinding to meet the production requirements of the concrete admixture. Qualified finished products are sent to 3 ¢15&times via hoist and chute; stored in 26-meter steel plate. The bottom of the library is provided with an inflatable chute, and the finished product can be shipped through the bottom unloading equipment and the bulk machine.

The above is the process system of the Gold Ball Mill introduced by Shanghai Shibang Gold Ball Mill supplier. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Shanghai Shibang Gold Ball Mill!

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