Hammer Mill With Cyclone

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Hammer Mill Cyclone Basic Introduction

Hammer Mill Cyclone is a type of dust removal device. Dust removal mechanism is to make the dust stream rotary motion by means of centrifugal force to separate and trap dust particles from the air stream in the wall, and then with the force of gravity so that dust particles fall into the hopper. Hammer Mill Cyclone started in 1885, has evolved into many forms. Press airflow into the way, can be divided into the type of tangential and axial enter style categories. At the same pressure loss, which can handle the gas is about 3 times of the former, and the gas distribution.

Hammer Mill Cyclone Structure

Hammer Mill Cyclone is made intake manifold, exhaust pipes, cylinder, cone and hopper components. Hammer Mill Cyclone simple structure, easy manufacturing, installation and maintenance, equipment investment and operating costs are low, have been widely used for the separation of solid and liquid particles from the gas stream, or for separating solid particles from the liquid. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is from 5 to 2500 times gravity, so Hammer Mill Cyclone efficiency was significantly higher than the gravity settling chamber

Hammer Mill Cyclone Attention

In mechanical precipitators, Hammer Mill With Cyclone is the most efficient one. Hammer Mill With Cyclone suitable for removing non-sticky and non-fibrous dust, for removing most of the particles of 5μm or more parallel multi-tube Hammer Mill Cyclone apparatus 3μm particle also has a 80 to 85% removal efficiency. Selection of high temperature, abrasion and corrosion of special metal or ceramic material constructed Hammer Mill Cyclone, can operate at temperatures up to 1000 ℃, pressures up to 500 × 105Pa conditions. Consider Hammer Mill Cyclone pressure loss control range from technical, economic aspects is generally 500 ~ 2000Pa. Therefore, Hammer Mill With Cyclone Dust belong in effect, and can be used for high temperature flue gas purification, is widely used as a dust collector applications, and more used in the boiler flue gas dust, dust and multi-stage pre-dust. The main disadvantage of Hammer Mill With Cyclone is lower for small dust particles (<5μm) removal efficiency.

Factors affecting the efficiency of the Hammer Mill With Cyclone

Gas Inlet

Hammer Mill Cyclone air intake is a key component to form a swirling airflow is the main factor affecting the collection efficiency and pressure loss. Tangential inlet area of ​​the inlet of the precipitator great influence area of ​​the air inlet relative to the barrel cross-section hours into the dust flow tangential velocity, is conducive to the separation of dust.

Diameter And Height Of The Cylindrical Body

Cylinder diameter is the most basic dimensions of constituting Hammer Mill Cyclone. Is inversely proportional to the rotational centrifugal force of the air flow tangential to the cylindrical diameter of the dust generated at the same tangential speed, the speed of the cylinder to the diameter D is smaller, the smaller the rotating radius of the air flow, the greater the particles by centrifugal force, the dust easily captured. Therefore, appropriate selection of smaller diameter cylindrical body.

Exhaust Pipe Diameter And Depth

Exhaust pipe diameter and insertion depth greater impact on Hammer Mill Cyclone collection efficiency. Exhaust pipe diameter must choose an appropriate value, exhaust pipe diameter decreases, can reduce the range of rotation of the inner cyclone dust easily discharged from the exhaust pipe, it is advantageous to improve the collection efficiency, but at the same time the increase in air velocity, pressure loss increases: If the exhaust pipe diameter increases, although resistance losses can be significantly reduced, but because of the exhaust pipe and the cylinder wall is too close, easy to form the inner and outer cyclone “short circuit” phenomenon, in the outer cyclone section is not cleared of dust discharged directly mixed with the exhaust pipe, thereby reducing dust removal efficiency.

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