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potassium salt grinding process

Introduction: The application of potash salt should first be separated from other rock salts by flotation, but it must be ground with a mill before flotation to ensure that the potassium salt particles and the unwanted mineral particles are fully dissociated. . Numerous practices have proved that the Hammer Mill is a potash salt grinding equipment!

Introduction to Potassium Salt Treatment Process

Potash salts must first be separated from other rock salts before they can be used. At this time, the flotation method is used. Like other types of ore, the flotation method is the main method for separating the potash salt from other stone salts, and the purpose is to separate it from other stone salts.

However, prior to flotation, the particles in the potassium salt supersaturated solution are first ground to ensure that the potassium salt particles are sufficiently dissociated from the unwanted mineral particles. Then, the grinding equipment to be applied in this process is a Hammer Mill! Because different types of mill equipment have different adaptability to the type and particle size of potash salt, it has been proved by practice that only the grinding performance of the Hammer Mill can be closely adhered to the potash salt. Therefore, the potash salt grinding process non-Hammer Mill is not!

Introduction to the specific process of potash salt Hammer Mill

When the potash salt vertical grinding work, the grinding roller is in contact with the material to produce a moving cycle under the driving of the motor. In terms of mechanical analysis, when the grinding medium and the material are not uniformly stressed, the speed difference and the force change will be formed, which will cause the Russian material to be subjected to strong pressing and grinding forces, and also be affected by the materials. The extrusion causes the potash salt material to be broken, micro-sheared, mashed and the like in the interior of the Hammer Mill, thereby achieving efficient grinding operation.

Potassium salt Hammer Mill performance advantage

1. According to the above working mechanism, the high efficiency and perfection of the grinding process can be known, and the high-efficiency grinding production can be realized under the premise of ensuring the potassium salt particles.

2. For the fine mineral particles of potash salt, the finished crusher has a higher level of granularity and better grinding effect;

3, Hammer Mill used in potash salt grinding, not only efficient, but also significant energy-saving effect, compared to ball mill equipment, can save about 30% energy.

It can be seen that the Hammer Mill, as a fine-grain material grinding equipment, has obvious advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, so it is favored by potash salt production enterprises.

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