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Precautions for purchasing a Hematite Ore Processing Machine


The Hematite Ore Processing Machine is a widely used equipment for industrial milling. There are many types of Hematite Ore Processing Machines in the market. How can we choose the right Hematite Ore Processing Machine? This article mainly talks about the purchase of Hematite Ore Processing Machine. For everyone to buy reference.


 1. Guarantee equipment quality


Many Hematite Ore Processing Machine manufacturers usually only focus on equipment modification, such as improving the efficiency of powder selection by modifying equipment, and using grooved liners to improve the efficiency of milling. These modifications are effective for increasing equipment output, but they are not guaranteed. Equipment quality, long-term production of equipment will be severely worn, so we must choose a Hematite Ore Processing Machine manufacturer that can guarantee the quality of equipment.


2, to meet the demand for production


According to the actual production capacity in the actual production, according to the theoretical production capacity of the manufacturer equipment, the Hematite Ore Processing Machine model with the theoretical production capacity slightly larger than the required production capacity can be selected to ensure that the actual production capacity of the equipment meets the demand.


3, grinding roller wear and wear


 The material of the grinding roller of the Hematite Ore Processing Machine generally has high manganese steel, high quality carbon structural steel, alloy steel, 65 manganese steel and cast iron. It is necessary to choose a Hematite Ore Processing Machine with a wearable material, then how to judge Hematite Ore Processing Machine grinding roller grinding ring material is high manganese steel.


a. Under normal circumstances, 65 manganese and alloy materials have obvious strong magnetic properties. High manganese steel is not magnetic, but in the production and processing, the surface oxide layer and repaired place may be slightly magnetic. Therefore, it can be judged by a magnet.


b. The hardness and toughness of the high manganese steel grinding rolls and grinding rings are very high. For this reason, the difficulty of cutting is also very high. Therefore, the grinding rolls of high manganese steel generally refer to the cutting of the inner hole and the upper and lower sides. The appearance is not processed, so the surface of the smooth and beautiful grinding ring is not made of high manganese steel.


4. Focus on after-sales


 When purchasing a Hematite Ore Processing Machine, you should also consider the qualifications of the equipment manufacturer and the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. You must not be afraid of trouble. When you shop around, you should pay attention to the effect of the field inspection. After selecting the equipment, you must also Sign the after-sales agreement with the manufacturer so that you can get professional protection.

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