Impact Crusher VS Cone Crusher

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Abstract: This Aticel will analysis the characteristics of Impact Crusher VS Cone Crusher. As society advances, the material strength requirements increase. Produce a variety of crusher, crusher each has its own characteristics and applications. Make good use of the characteristics of various crushers, you can get the optimum particle size of the material. Master the mechanical work characteristics in the production of the production helpful.

Impact Crusher VS Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher compared with Impact Crusher, advantages and disadvantages, let’s compare.

Cone Crusher Advantage

  • 1, Cone Crusher reasonable structure, reliable performance, stable operation and high cost.
  • 2, small vibration crushing ratio, high output, low wear.
  • 3, Cone Crusher frame made of high strength steel, the finishing process, the intensity is stronger.
  • 4, reliable sealing, effectively extending the replacement cycle and component lubricant life.
  • 5, Cone Crusher with hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, convenient and simple operation, high degree of automation, reducing downtime.
  • 6, Cone Crusher whole machine is adjusted by the hydraulic system operation, faster, with less effort.
  • 7, Cone Crusher composite cavity, cube yield.
  • 8, coarse, medium, fine, broken composite cavity, large selection.
  • 9, Cone Crusher provide higher production capacity, best product shape, and easy automatic control, with maximum reliability and flexibility, really create more value for users.

Cone Crusher Disadvantage

Cone Crusher structure is complicated, large equipment costs, machine height, requiring a higher plant, machinery bulky, inconvenient transportation, not broken sticky ore, operation and maintenance more complicated, expensive.

Impact Crusher Advantage

  • 1, the structure is more reasonable adjustment more convenient, more stable and reliable operating performance.
  • 2, large feed size, crushing, higher than large yields.
  • 3, low noise, low power consumption, less wearing parts, low maintenance costs.
  • 4, Impact Crusher body using multi-pass welding, the elimination of internal stress treatment process, the intensity is stronger.
  • 5, precision machining and assembly processes, inherent quality and more secure.
  • 6, multilayered labyrinth sealing process, longer bearing life.
  • 7, the new locking technology, easy repair and maintenance, repair time is shorter.
  • 8, Impact Crusher configure advanced lubrication technology, maintenance more convenient.
  • 9, simple structure, low manufacturing cost,, reliable, machine height is small, easy to configure, great for high viscosity mineral water should not be blocked.

Imapct Crusher Disadvantage

Imapct Crusher productivity is low, power consumption, vibration greater fragmentation than small, uniform particle size is not enough, not packed to the mine, to replace the fragile pieces.

When selecting crushing equipment, to conduct a comprehensive analysis and comparison of different situations. General large concentrator multi Cone Crusher. Medium and small concentrator, especially when dealing with viscous material, should use Impact Crusher. Usually have first to select the crusher after calculation and technical and economic comparison, can be determined.

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