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Strengthening the fixed inspection and repair of Industrial Mills

During the operation phase of the equipment, maintenance and inspection are two important aspects of equipment management. Maintenance is the basis of the point check repair, the point check repair is the guarantee of maintenance, the combination of the two is to realize the repair information from the post check, according to the management “no leakage” & rdquo; “zero fault” The necessary means. According to the fixed abnormal points reflected in the post checklist, timely adjust, tighten, and manage the leakage, arrange necessary maintenance, and, if the conditions are met, reach 100% of the points to be repaired. As a maintenance work for regular maintenance, the equipment is thoroughly inspected during the specified period of time, and the diesel filter, air filter, oil filter and various parts of the hose are replaced, the oil circuit is cleaned, and the screws and pipe clamps of various parts are tightened. To force the maintenance and management of the Industrial Mill, restore the equipment intact, and strictly maintain the equipment according to the maintenance items. Through the role of economic leverage, responsibility to the people, mandatory implementation of equipment inspection and maintenance work.

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