Lime Production Line From Limestone

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Limestone Basic Introduction

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, often used for building materials, are also important in many industrial limestone, lime, quicklime and hydrated lime can be divided by; Limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into lime, quicklime is the main component of CaO, the general was block like, pure white, light gray when containing impurities or yellow, lime, also called active lime; lime to absorb moisture or adding water to become hydrated lime, also known as slaked lime, its main ingredient is Ca (OH) 2; slaked by deployment into a stone mortar, lime paste, lime mortar, used as coating materials and tile adhesives.

Different Limestone Production Line Configuration

Two different uses of lime are relatively widely, depending on the different sectors of its application, we can through different Production Line limestone production equipment will be the material we want:

  • 1. Sand and Gravel: Gravel Production Line we can crushed limestone, sand and gravel production has become the building, its Production Line Equipment includes: Feeders, limestone crusher, sand washing machines, conveyors and other equipment;
  • 2, quicklime (active limestone): Feeders, hoist, conveyors, rotary kiln and other equipment.

Production Line From Limestone

Limestone, sand and gravel Production Line Process

First, the limestone belt conveyor to the feeder to crushed limestone crusher, limestone crusher at the beginning of the work, we must first ensure that no material inside Sand, before you can start the motor, the motor driven by high-speed rotation of the rotor crusher crushing cavity, the material into the crushing chamber for the first time on the first crushing limestone, limestone and then with the back plate on the rotor hammer impact crusher, and then into the second crushing cavity Similarly broken, broken when the particle size to meet the requirements, it will pass the stone grate from the discharge port, by conveying equipment transported to the next process.

Lime Production Line From Limestone

Limestone stored in silos, the upper and lower level gauge control plus quantity, and then through the feed tube under limestone evenly distributed to each room heater, in the process, limestone is 1150 degrees Celsius in the preheater kiln flue gas is heated to about 900 degrees, about 30% decomposition, and then pushed inside by a hydraulic pusher kiln, a chemical reaction within the limestone kiln, calcined decomposed into CaO and CO2; generate lime into the cooler after the decomposition, in the cooler was bubbled into the cold air is cooled to 100 degrees Celsius discharge. Through 600 degrees of heat exchange with the hot air into the kiln gas mixed fuel.

Exhaust cold air through the induced draft fan and then blended into the baghouse, and then the exhaust fan into the chimney, exhaust cooler lime by vibrating feeder, bucket elevators, belt conveyors and other equipment into the limestone reservoir. Need to determine whether screening processes according to the user. Throughout the lime calcining system, preheater, depending on a number of production sharing preheating chamber, each room is equipped with a hydraulic push preheat feed device, and with automation and control systems delivered to the relevant data in the control room of the PLC control platform achieve centralized control. This system is a high degree of automation, enabling a single point of control, improve the production process, safety and productivity, make the production process more humane and intelligent, making the production process more convenient.

Lime Production Line From Limestone Supplier

These two Production Line From Limestone Production Line is based on efficient production process characteristics and uses of limestone configurations, not only energy efficient, but also the production of lime quality is relatively high, to meet the needs of different industries, in many gravel plants and lime plants are wide range of applications.

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