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Influence of magnetic liner on Marble Grinding Mill

The Marble Grinding Mill is the main grinding equipment of metallurgy, mining and concentrating plant. The service life of the wearing parts is related to the grinding efficiency of the mill. Lining is one of them. The material of the lining plate is divided into metal type, non-metal type and composite type. The magnetic lining board belongs to the composite type lining board. It mainly relies on the external magnetic field to adsorb the magnetic mineral on the surface of the lining board as a protective layer, avoiding the direct grinding medium and materials. Wear due to contact while reducing liner consumption. The following is a detailed analysis of the impact of the magnetic liner on the Marble Grinding Mill.

According to production practice, the magnetic liner is superior to the manganese steel liner mainly in the following eight aspects.

1. Gradation overflow fineness, concentrate grade, and Taiwan time volume: In the case of poor ore selectivity, the superiority of the magnetic lining to improve the magnetic quality is particularly obvious. Both of them have little influence on the processing capacity of the grinding system. Therefore, it is the key to stabilize the processing capacity of the two stages of the Marble Grinding Mill.

2. Grinding product particle size composition: under the condition that the graded overflow fineness is basically the same, the particle size composition of the magnetic lining and the manganese steel lining grinding product is changed, and the magnetic lining is used to grind the magnetic quality. The manganese steel liner is 0.66 percentage points higher.

3. Utilization coefficient of Marble Grinding Mill: According to the grinding result, after using the magnetic lining, the content of -0.076mm in the overflow is higher than that of the manganese steel lining, and the content of the -0.076mm under the sieve is obviously high. In the latter. After calculation, the utilization coefficient of the mill using the magnetic liner is 0.815, and the utilization coefficient of the mill using the manganese steel liner is 0.907. The utilization factor of the mill is basically the same regardless of the influence of the stage.

4, power consumption: under normal circumstances, the use of manganese steel liner mill current is generally between 35 ~ 40A, using magnetic liner Marble Grinding Mill current between 30 ~ 35A, mill current drop 5A, hourly Can save 50kWh.

5, ball consumption: magnetic lining and ordinary lining steel ball save 0.066kg / t, the ball rate is 14.47%, the ball effect is obvious.

6. Noise: According to the test results of the south and west directions of the distance mill 1.5m, the noise of the Marble Grinding Mill of the magnetic liner series is 5.85dB lower than that of the manganese steel series Marble Grinding Mill.

7. Lining board cost: According to the data, the service life of the magnetic lining board is more than 10 years, which saves the lining cost and has better economic benefits.

8. Maintenance: The magnetic lining can reduce the maintenance amount, reduce the labor intensity, and greatly improve the equipment operation rate.

In general, the Marble Grinding Mill uses a magnetic lining, and the grinding fineness and magnetic quality are greatly improved. As long as the nature of the ore is stabilized and the load balance of the two sections of the grinding is solved, the influence on the processing amount of the grinding machine can be effectively reduced, and the economic benefits are good.

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