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Mineral Grinding Machine failure reason


In the installation and operation of the Mineral Grinding Machine, it is a common fault that the mill output does not meet the design requirements. After analysis, there are mainly six reasons for this failure:


 1. The length ratio of each warehouse is unreasonable


If the ratio is unreasonable, the rough grinding and fine grinding ability will be unbalanced, and the product fineness may be too thick or too fine.


2, the grinding material size is larger


If the material has a large particle size, the impact and grinding action of the grinding body is difficult to adapt, and the Mineral Grinding Machine bin is forced to load more steel balls to enhance the impact analysis material. A warehouse is responsible for the crushing effect, which makes the crushing process unreasonable. The function of the Mineral Grinding Machine is high, the grinding head is broken, and the grinding grain size is reduced, which can reduce energy consumption and increase production.


3, the ventilation is not good


Strengthening ventilation can discharge the micro-powder in the mill in time to reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding, which can improve the grinding efficiency. Strengthening ventilation can eliminate the water vapor in the grinding machine in time, reduce the sticking phenomenon of fine powder, prevent the paste ball and the pupil from being blocked, and ensure the normal operation of the Mineral Grinding Machine.


 4, the material moisture


When the moisture content of the material is large, the abrasive body and the liner will be adhered to form a “cushion cushion”, which will block the jaw and cause “saturated”. However, the moisture content is not as low as possible, but should be kept within a certain range.


5, the grading of the grinding body


In order to use the impact and grinding requirements of different particle size materials, increasing the impact of the grinding body on the material will increase the grinding efficiency of the Mineral Grinding Machine, and the grinding body must be properly graded. The range is generally between 25% and 35%, with 28% to 32%. When the material is inferior in wearability, or when the fineness of the grinding is required to be fine, the filling rate of a warehouse should be lower, preferably not higher than 28%. When producing low grade cement, the filling rate of a warehouse should be higher, and vice versa. When producing volcanic ash cement, the filling rate of a warehouse should be higher. When producing slag cement, the filling rate of a warehouse should be lower. The filling rate of the segment bin should not be too high.


6, the impact of the temperature of the material


The temperature of the Mineral Grinding Machine is too high, resulting in a decrease in grinding efficiency. In order to reduce the temperature of the cement in the mill, a small amount of misty water can be sprayed into the grinding chamber, and the small Mineral Grinding Machine can adopt the method of grinding the body.

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