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Mineral Grinding Mill


China’s bentonite mineral resources have exceeded 8 billion tons, and Jiaxing’s bentonite mines have a large proportion. Bentonite has laid a resource foundation for the development and research of new products, the development of the market, and the improvement of competitiveness. According to incomplete statistics, China’s current bentonite products have an annual production and sales volume of about 2.7 million tons, including 100-1.1 million tons for foundry sand, 70 tons for drilling mud, and 450,000 tons for metallurgical pellets. White clay) 200,000 tons, used for other 200,000 to 300,000 tons. The industry is characterized by small scale and low technical level. Because it is a resource-based industry, the competition is not very intense, and the production, sales and prices are rising year by year. As the output increases year by year, it will require the technical support of Jiaxing Mineral Grinding Mill industry. The traditional crushing and grinding process is far from meeting the market demand. Only the new technology is exquisite Mineral Grinding Mill and the production is gradually refined and intelligent. The crushing and grinding process is what people need.


 Shanghai Shibang is a large manufacturer of bentonite grinding equipment in China. It provides professional bentonite crushing process for customers from home and abroad every year. Strive to make every customer a crushing production line with only a small amount of equipment and high crushing efficiency. Simply put, the bulk bentonite silo is uniformly sent into the E-break by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The coarsely bent bentonite is sent to the counter-break by the belt conveyor to further break; the finely bent bentonite is transported by the belt conveyor. It is sent to the vibrating screen for screening, and several kinds of bentonites of different sizes and different specifications are screened out. The bentonite satisfying the particle size requirement is sent to the finished material pile by the finished belt conveyor; the bentonite which does not meet the grain size requirement is returned by the belt conveyor. Re-crushing to the impact crusher or cone crusher to form a closed circuit multiple cycles, the finished product granularity can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 20-3250 mesh, in order to protect the environment, it can be equipped with auxiliary bentonite processing dust removal equipment. From the entire crushing and grinding process, we can see the importance of Zhejiang Jiaxing Mineral Grinding Mill accessories. Only the steel used can create a Mineral Grinding Mill with a long service life. The longer the service life, the lower the wear in the middle will bring us the higher efficiency.


 Shanghai Shibang is a Mineral Grinding Mill manufacturer with many years of production experience. Its Mineral Grinding Mill not only has a high reputation in China, but also has great repercussions abroad. The famous one is the Mineral Grinding Mill. The important parts of this Mineral Grinding Mill are made of imported excellent raw materials. Its milling efficiency is unmatched by ordinary domestic milling equipment. Low maintenance rate, easy operation, and flexible operation according to different production environments are also competitive features.

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