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How to repair the Gold Stamp Mill separator


The Gold Stamp Mill is mainly composed of main components, separators, blowers and other components, and has important applications in the field of micro-powder grinding. The working principle is that the bulk material is pulverized by the jaw crusher, and then enters the main machine for grinding, and then the separator will reach the fine material output, wherein the separator as the latter ring is an important core component and also a process. Complex, the components with relatively high frequency of failure during operation, due to the complexity of the structure, once the fault occurs, it is difficult for the general technical personnel to solve the problem effectively. Below we will introduce the Gold Stamp Mill separator Maintenance skills.


First of all, we will make a brief introduction to the separator. The separator will separate the material from the moving crusher to the fineness of the material. The liquid level and pressure of the traditional separator are controlled by constant pressure control technology. . In the variable pressure level control of the separator, the float liquid level controller is used to drive the oil and gas regulating valve to make the joint action, control the liquid volume of the crude oil and the natural gas, and complete the adjustment of the liquid level in the separator without the separator. The pressure is controlled. The variable pressure liquid level control method can greatly reduce the throttling of the oil and gas outlet valve, reduce the pressure of the separator, and improve the separation effect. Oil and gas separators and oil-gas-water three-phase separators are widely used in oil field transfer stations and combined stations. The separator must be able to maintain good separation and control its level and pressure.


 However, when the Gold Stamp Mill separator fails, the power supply and pressure of the separator are checked for a large change in the first time. If there is a change in the manual adjustment, the air regulating valve is squeezed. To prevent air leakage faults, pay attention to the properties of the material in the Gold Stamp Mill separator and the temperature of the machine for the adjustment of the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the heat of the machine body will be severe and the fineness of the material will increase. Therefore, the pressure adjustment during the repair process should be appropriate. For the hydraulic adjustment of the Gold Stamp Mill separator, the liquid level should be maintained between 1/2 and 1/3, not less than 1/2. If it is too low, the discharge valve of small oil and water should be closed. After the effusion reaches the specified range, normal discharge begins. During the maintenance process, the inside of the separator should be cleaned.

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