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Structural improvement of Quartz Grinding Mill

With the introduction of foreign advanced technology, we found that there is still a big gap between Quartz Grinding Mill in product design and manufacturing materials compared with foreign countries, which promotes the positive innovation of domestic pulverized coal preparation equipment suppliers. Our company has continuously improved the design performance of the equipment through the technical research on the Quartz Grinding Mill.

1. Adjust the size design of the cold crusher of the Quartz Grinding Mill. The size of the traditional equipment cold air duct is too small, resulting in insufficient ventilation and reduced production. We have effectively solved this type of problem after increasing the size of the cold air duct.

2. Adjust the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding bowl

Adjust the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding bowl of the Quartz Grinding Mill to 3mm, and adjust the gap between the grinding roller head and the loading bolt and the spring loading force according to the instructions, so that the grinding capacity of the Quartz Grinding Mill can be improved.

3, the new design of the loading frame

The early cast-type loading frame was changed to the optimized design of the welding-type loading frame, eliminating the equipment hazard caused by casting defects. At the same time, the guiding device of the loading frame is changed from a sliding friction pair to a rolling friction pair. While improving life and improving working friction conditions, the replacement time is also greatly reduced.

4. Improvement of the lower body seal ring

The lower body sealing device is composed of a sealing ring composed of four turns of graphite blocks, wherein the upper one ring and the grinding wheel support shaft have a gap of 1 mm and the lower three rings are tightly hung on the grinding wheel support shaft, and the four ring sealing ring outer ring is used. The spring tension compensates for the gap created by the wear of the graphite block and the disc holder shaft. The new sealing structure adopts a differential pressure contact type and a graphite end face contact type seal with a sealed air chamber, which can ensure that the pulverized coal cannot enter the sealed air chamber and adversely affect the lower seal.

5. The loading load is transmitted directly to the mill foundation through the reducer. The loading force is transmitted evenly. The Quartz Grinding Mill can operate safely and stably.

6, the loading force can be automatically adjusted

After the wear parts of the Quartz Grinding Mill are worn, the hydraulic variable loading device can automatically adjust the loading force. Timely compensation: Spring loading requires periodic shutdown to adjust the loading force and adjust the compression of the spring to ensure that the output of the mill does not decrease. The MPS mill can also realize variable loading according to the demand of boiler coal. The loading pressure is adjusted according to the required coal volume, and can be automatically adjusted according to requirements.

After a series of renovation measures, the Quartz Grinding Mill has greatly improved the amount of powder produced, and at the same time achieved the ideal environmental protection benefits, making it an ideal processing equipment for thermal power plants.

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