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Gear replacement method for Cement Raw Mill

SBM introduces you to the troubleshooting and replacement of gears for Cement Raw Mills.

1. The important parts are made of thick high-quality steel, and the wear parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The whole machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation.

2. The electrical system adopts centralized control, and the grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation and convenient maintenance.

3. Optimize the configuration of pipelines and fan systems, reduce windage and wall wear, and ensure stable production.

4. The transmission system can be flexibly configured according to the special needs of materials or users to ensure that the system operates in a good state.

The gears of the Cement Raw Mill usually have the teeth trapped on the wheel core with an interference fit to form a combined structure. When the gear teeth of this gear wear excessively, the bad ring gear can be removed and replaced with a new ring gear.

The Cement Raw Mill parts are easily damaged. If there is wear and tear, the adjustment and transposition method can be used for emergency. As long as the Cement Raw Mill is running, the gears are always in working condition. This type of parts is generally small and wear is normal.

If the gear has several teeth that are continuously damaged, it can be repaired by means of a gear block. Because the gear is often damaged by the groove surface, as long as the structure allows, the gear can be directly reversed by 180 degrees for reinstallation, but this method cannot be used for a bevel gear or a positive and negative gear.

For the large gear with low speed, smooth teaching and low requirements, the root of the broken tooth can be flattened after the single tooth is broken. According to the thickness of the tooth and the width of the tooth, the screw with the similar material of the gear is planted on the top. Including drilling, tapping, screwing, and welding the screws with electric welding, and then machining the tooth shape according to the tooth profile. For a single gear that is not loaded, but requires higher gears, it can be repaired by inserting a single tooth.

The left and right asymmetrical gears can be removed from the asymmetrical part that affects the installation of the Cement Raw Mill, and the corresponding structure is added by welding, riveting or other methods at the other end, and then flipped 180.

If there are individual gears in the multi-gear and tower-shaped gears damaged, use the tooth replacement method to repair. Of course, after the accessories of the Cement Raw Mill are worn out, we recommend that you purchase new accessories as soon as possible to avoid wearing the Cement Raw Mill and causing greater damage.

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