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New Raymond Roller Mill accessories

There are many new Raymond Roller Mill accessories, which require perfect cooperation of various accessories in operation. Shanghai Shibang wants to introduce the introduction of the hub, middle casing, frame, hydraulic device, transmission device, rocker device and other accessories. I hope to help you better understand the composition of the new Raymond Roller Mill.

Wheel hub

It is mounted on the roller shaft through double row cylindrical roller and double row tapered roller bearing. The bearing is lubricated with thin oil, has independent oil pump oil supply and oil return system, and can guarantee the low oil level of lubricating oil in the grinding roller. The sleeve is fixed to the hub by a pressing ring, which is integrally cast from the wear-resistant material, and can also be welded on the surface of the wear-resistant alloy.

The machine grinding roller can rotate under the action of the material, and the rocker arm can move up and down according to the thickness of the material bed. There is a certain gap between the grinding roller and the disc liner to avoid direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc.

Middle casing

The middle casing is composed of a casing, a sealing door, an inspection door, a lining plate group and the like.

The middle casing is mounted on the frame for containing grinding discs, grinding rollers and the like to form a grinding working area and also for carrying the classifier. The sealing door of the middle casing cooperates with the grinding roller fly sealing frame so that the outside air cannot enter the inside of the grinding machine while the mill is working. The liner group installed on the inner side of the middle casing is made of wear-resistant material, which can effectively adapt to the sprint of high-speed dust-containing airflow. In order to facilitate inspection of the interior of the mill, there is no access door on the middle casing.

The main new Raymond Roller Mill accessories include rack, hydraulic system, transmission, rocker arm, grinding disc, middle casing, classifier, gas seal piping system, water spray device, etc.


The frame is composed of a frame structure of the welded structure, and the entire frame is composed of a base, a bracket, a bottom plate and a connecting bridge. The parts of the frame are mounted and welded at the production site, and the entire mill is fixed to the foundation by anchor bolts. The performance of these new Raymond Roller Mill accessories is directly related to the stability of the entire grinding process. The base ensures that all brackets are supported on the same surface as the reducer base plate to form a unitary frame. When assembling, the welding bracket is equipped with double earrings and can be connected to the cylinder by inserting the pin.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic device is a sign of the development of the new Raymond Roller Mill towards the intelligent direction. The system consists of cylinders, accumulators and connecting pipes. During the operation of the mill, the pressure of the roller is determined according to the thickness of the layer and the requirements of the finished product. The size is adjusted.

The hydraulic cylinder is connected to the accumulator valve block via a connecting pipe. The pressure of the grinding roller is adjusted according to the wearability of the material and the wear state of the grinding disc and the grinding roller. The spring stiffness of the nitrogen filling pressure adjusting system of the accumulator can be adjusted according to the nitrogen filling pressure of the accumulator to ensure the stability of the whole system.

On the one hand, the mill can be used to quickly and easily reduce the downtime by overhauling the cylinder, turning the arm, replacing the sleeve and the liner. The configuration of the hydraulic system ensures a higher flexibility of the system


The transmission consists of a main motor, a diaphragm coupling, a main reducer and a high and low pressure oil station. The stage of the main reducer is a bevel gear, which bears the gravity of the grinding component and the vertical force generated by the tensioning device during grinding, and its outer casing is composed of a welded structure.

Rocker device

The force generated by the grinding disc on the grinding roller is transmitted to the frame through the rocker arm. The rocker arm device is composed of upper rocker arm, lower rocker arm, taper pin, shaft, bearing and bearing seat. When repairing the grinding roller, remove the taper sleeve and the taper pin. By turning the upper rocker arm, the grinding roller can be turned out of the grinding mill to carry out maintenance of the new Raymond Roller Mill.

The above is the knowledge of the new Raymond Roller Mill accessories introduced by Shanghai Shibang. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Shanghai Shibang!

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