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Roller Mill scope


Guide: The Roller Mill is a machine based on the principle of tray grinding. Based on many users who want to know the applicable materials of this product and the principle of grinding, etc., let me briefly introduce you to the grinding production. Have some help. Roller Mills have important applications in many industrial applications, so some users want to know about it. This article will give you a brief introduction to the principle of the material grinding and the applicable material range.


1, the principle of tray grinding


The principle of tray grinding is an important difference between Roller Mill and other mill products. In addition to this equipment, other mill products are mainly used in the vertical direction. Grinding rolls and grinding rings extrude materials to achieve material grinding, but in Roller Mills, the grinding of materials is carried out on a horizontally placed grinding disc, ie the material falls onto the tray and then along with the tray The high-speed rotation of the centrifugal movement, the movement to the position of the grinding roller, and then the roller is pressed to achieve the final grinding of the material, which is the principle of the tray grinding.


In the grinding of the tray, the realization of such milling requires an important condition, namely the machine parts, which are respectively equipped with grinding discs, grinding rolls, grinding rolls, reducers, etc., and these parts are installed according to certain assembly requirements. , can achieve milling production.


2. Applicable material types of Roller Mill


The Roller Mill has a wide range of applications in the industry, and the reason why it has such a wide range of applications is related to its variety of machines. In order to meet the needs of different users, the company has designed three different series. This product, these products are coal mill, ore mill and difficult to grind, these three series of products are responsible for three kinds of ore materials, the following one.


Coal mill, as its name suggests, is a Roller Mill mainly used for coal grinding production. The reason why it is to manufacture products separately for coal is mainly because China is a country with a large amount of coal used, and the status of coal in China’s domestic fuel. Located in the position, it can be seen how much domestic coal grinding is needed, which is the main reason for our coal grinding.


The ore Roller Mill is one of the Roller Mills. It can grind a variety of materials, such as tamping, talc, fluorite, quartz, graphite, calcite, phosphate rock and other materials can use this mill The machine is used for grinding; the latter is difficult grinding in the Roller Mill. It is mainly used for the grinding of relatively high hardness materials such as copper ore, iron ore and slag.

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