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Retrofit effect of Roller Mining Mill

After the transformation of the Roller Mining Mill steel ball and the lining plate, the Roller Mining Mill consumption and the ball consumption are reduced, the maintenance workload and the Roller Mining Mill are reduced under the condition of the stable Roller Mining Mill output and the fineness of the pulverized coal. Mechanical wear and the like.

After the transformation, the carbon content of the fly ash is reduced to about 3%, the carbon content of the large slag is reduced to an average of 8%, and the low is up to 4%. The boiler efficiency is increased by about 2%, and the coal consumption rate of the unit is reduced by as much as 6g/KWh. The energy saving effect is very obvious.

In short, through the above-mentioned transformation measures, the overall modification of the energy saving and consumption reduction of the milling system is realized, the ball loading of the Roller Mining Mill grinding ball is reduced, the mechanical consumption of the Roller Mining Mill is reduced, and the mechanical loss of the Roller Mining Mill is reduced; Optimized the output of the Roller Mining Mill; improved the fineness of the coal powder, reduced the coal consumption for power generation and power supply; and achieved the overall adjustment of the reasonable combustion optimization of the boiler. In addition, SBM’s new Roller Mining Mill has advanced structure design and outstanding advantages. Welcome to consult and purchase equipment.

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