Rotary Sand Screening Machine

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Rotary Sand Screening Machine Basic Introduction

Rotary Sand Screening is the use of the relative movement of granular materials with the screen surface, so that part of the particles through the sieve, sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials, according to the particle size is divided into different levels of vibration screening equipment. Screening depends on the particle level screen surface, sub-surface grate sieve, sieve and mesh panels of three. Grate suitable for screening large granular materials, grate gap for undersize fraction from 1.1 to 1.2 times the diameter, generally not less than 50 mm. Sieve plate made ​​from sheet steel punched hole was a round, square or rectangular aperture is generally 10 to 80 mm, long service life, easy to plug for screening the medium particles. Woven wire mesh or by welding into the hole was a square, rectangular or elongated, generally used pore diameter is 6 to 85 mm, a long strip suitable for screening wet sieve material, the advantages of the mesh sieve is an effective area greater than big.

Rotary Sand Screening Machine Feature

Rotary Sand Screening Machine structure consists of four parts: the high-frequency vibration motor, grade fixed lattice screen, vibrating springs and chassis. Sieve sieve sieve rate to tilt and anyway, the greater the inclination of the screen surface flow faster. Compared with the conventional planar rotary screen, Rotary Sand Screening with low power consumption, sieve complex trajectory, high sifting efficiency, good cleaning effect, smooth operation and so on. Therefore, Rotary Sand Screening is widely used in cereals, oil, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, for the completion of the particles of sand grading operations. At present, the use of vibration of the rotary plane of the discharge end of the screen and containing an elastomeric stopper, increasing the overall complexity of the mechanism, so that it appears in a sieving sand deviation project, the uneven tracks are not flexible and the vibration phenomena, reduced the screening efficiency and cause uneven wear mesh grid, shortening the life of the screen grid.

Rotary Sand Screening Machine Development Direction

  • A, to the efficient and productive development: industrial modernization process enables companies to increase the size, production capacity, the need for efficient high capacity Rotary Sand Screening Machine ancillary.
  • B, to standardization, serialization, universal development: This is easy to design, organize specialized production, quality assurance, and can effectively reduce costs.
  • C, vibration intensity increases: Rotary Sand Screening Machine vibration process gradually increased, namely to improve the screening machine vibration parameters, in order to achieve greater speed and acceleration, thereby increasing the production capacity of screening efficiency.
  • D, to the light, environment, simplify the structure of the direction of development: 80 years old Rotary Sand Screening Machine, particularly inconvenient for network, network pressure bolts each with 48, for network time minimum of four hours, and the fine powder is easy leaks from the bolt at the out.

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