Sieving Machine For Sandstone

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Common Fault Analysis For Sieving Machine For Sandstone

Sandstone Sieving Machine Screen Surface Uneven Force

Feeding inequality: Enter Sandstone Sieving Machine under the hopper, is a man-shaped funnel, into the house and feed belts often funnel plot deviation mud and other reasons, resulting in uneven dosing, thereby causing serious side mesh overload, while the other side screen near no-load operation, so often cause uneven wear mesh damaged faster.

Sieve excessive force and uneven fabric: funnel and Sandstone Sieving Machine infeed end distance is too high, when the ore from the funnel into the Sandstone Sieving Machine, to feed at the impact force is too large, resulting in feeding place girders broken box body cracking and other problems; ore after entering Sandstone Sieving Machine feed end, uneven distribution of ore always run to the side, only half of the screen to play the role of screening, leading to serious side plot ore, low Sieving efficiency.

Long Residence Time Of Material

In the slow movement of ore sieve, ore moving too slow, resulting in too much plot screen surface mine, so Sandstone Sieving Machine always runs under overload condition, causing damage to the screen fast, flexible couplings tear spring is damaged, broken beams, box cracking a series of failures.

Corrective Measures For Sieving Machine For Sandstone

Increase in sub-feeder

For dosing funnel uneven transformation of the funnel, increasing at a sub-feeder material in the belt, sub-feeder belt deviation can move around the situation, the ore evenly into both sides of the funnel into the Sandstone Sieving Machine, so both sides of the feed is relatively balanced, a good solution to the problem of uneven feeding. But also to change the mesh material, such as ultra-wearable Xinhai wearable screens, corrosion resistant, long service life.

Reduced Height, Adjust The Position Of The Hopper

For the problem of excessive impact, by reducing the discharge end of the funnel and Sandstone Sieving Machine feed side elevation, so that it is smooth inflow of sandstone Sandstone Sieving Machine, largely reducing the sandstone Sandstone Sieving Machine impact, so Sandstone Sieving Machine force more balanced, effective solution to the cabinet cracking, stringer fracture and other issues. Meanwhile, in order to solve the sandstone in the case of uneven distribution feed port in the mouth widened into a feed hopper position, so that the sand evenly distributed throughout the screen surface, so Sieving efficiency is greatly improved.

Increasing The Screen Surface Slope, Sandstone Movement Speed Increase

Sandstone at the screen surface moving slowly, causing the screen surface mine thick plot, serious pressure mines. The main factors affecting the speed-shift operation, there Sandstone Sieving Machine amplitude and gradient mesh. Adjusting the amplitude of the eccentric block is accomplished by adding, by adjusting the amplitude of the production practice Sandstone Sieving Machine showed that the effect is not obvious. So in practice generally adjust Sandstone Sieving Machine angle, feed rate under the same circumstances, increase Sandstone Sieving Machine slope, increase the operating speed of sandstone, sandstone reduced residence time in the sieve.

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