Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

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Abstract: The presence of iron impurities in the Silica sand greatly reduces the use value, affecting the quality of the product, for example in the production of glass, iron impurities in glass production and quality will have a greater hazard, especially for glass melting process the thermodynamic properties of the finished product and the translucent glass. Therefore, in the production process to improve the quality of Silica sand to reduce the content of iron is very important. In reality, the production of raw materials for water eluted first mud, then scrub with mechanical, magnetic Beneficiation, Flotation Beneficiation, ultrasonic cleaning, acid leaching and other beneficiation process to remove iron Silica sand, Silica sand to improve the use value.

Several Types of Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

First, Silica Sand Mechanical Scrubbing Beneficiation Plant

Mechanical scrubbing is asked by mechanical force and grit collision and friction to remove the film surface and Silica sand iron in iron minerals Silica sand adhered to the surface. Currently, the scrubbing technology is mainly stick to wash and mechanical friction scrub. For mechanical scrubbing, scrubbing effect is generally believed that the main factors affecting scrubbing machines are structural features and configurations, followed by technical factors, including the scrub scrub time and concentration.

Second, Silica Sand Magnetic Beneficiation Plant

The main mineral Silica sand – Silica, is diamagnetic material, can not be magnetized in a magnetic field. The Silica sand iron impurity minerals: hematite, limonite, magnetite, goethite, etc., most of them are magnetic substance can be magnetized in a magnetic field. The difference is the use of magnetic Beneficiation process of this nature on the Silica sand to remove iron impurities in these minerals by magnetic Beneficiation. In order to achieve the purpose of removing the mineral iron, the magnetic and non-magnetic minerals Beneficiation of minerals, acting on the magnetic force of the magnetic minerals following conditions must be fulfilled: the magnetic force acting on the magnetic mineral particles is greater than the effect on the magnetic mineral particles of any mechanical force force.

Third, Silica Sand Ultrasonic Beneficiation Plant

Rely on high frequency ultrasound is a medium to spread (frequency greater than 20000Hz) Sonic, which has mechanical energy, will interact with the media occurred during propagation, resulting in mechanical effects, thermal effects and cavitation. When the ultrasonic waves in the water (or solution), will produce a number of compression, expansion region, resulting in a myriad of micro bubbles (cavitation bubbles) is formed and broken, this is called cavitation. In the empty process, the internal pressure of liquid occurring mutations associated with the shock wave and thus, a pressure of up to several thousand to tens of atmospheres. Under the effect of this shock wave, and adheres to the surface of the particles of iron impurity particle surface begins falling down into the liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of removing iron.

Fourth, Silica Sand Flotation Beneficiation Plant

Silica Sand Flotation Beneficiation Plant is mainly used for the Beneficiation of feldspar Silica sand, Silica sand can also be used to remove the mica clay minerals and secondary iron. The most typical process is a hydrofluoric acid as an activator, under strongly acidic (pH 2 ~ 3) the use of cationic amine Flotation Beneficiation collector. When Flotation Beneficiation iron, NaOH was used to inhibit the activation of metal ions Silica; the Flotation Beneficiation of feldspar, mica and other clay minerals, H2SO4 can produce not only positioned to be adsorbed on the surface of the floating feldspar, reducing the negative surface turtles, but also can be activated feldspar and mica.

Fifth, Silica Sand Acid Leaching Beneficiation Plant

In addition to the use of acid leaching of iron Silica acid insoluble (except HF), Fe-containing impurities dissolved in the acid can be the characteristics of the mineral, which can be removed from a Silica minerals of iron. Acid leaching method can not only remove the iron minerals from Silica sand, Silica non-metallic mineral impurities have good removal.

Sixth, Silica Sand Biological Beneficiation Plant

Microbial leaching of iron in addition to the film surface or Silica sand particles disseminated iron is a newly developed Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant, is currently in the laboratory and small pilot study phase. According to the research results show that when abroad, Aspergillus niger, Penicillium, pear-shaped hair bacteria, Pseudomonas category, Bacillus species, Bacillus polymyxa, lactic small cocci and other microorganisms on the surface of the iron oxide Silica dip in addition, have achieved good results, with black fungus Aspergillus iron leaching best, Fe2O3 removal rate up to 88.8%, Fe2O3 grade Silica sand as low as 0.008%.

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