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Stamp Mill application field

The superior performance of the Stamp Mill is widely used in various fields of industry, but the Stamp Mill is mainly engaged in three major industries: pulverized coal preparation, non-metallic mineral powder, slag powder, Shanghai below. Shibang came to ask you for a detailed introduction!

First field: pulverized coal preparation

The Stamp Mill used in the field of pulverized coal can effectively improve the preparation efficiency of coal powder and realize the social benefits of environmental protection. The pulverized coal passing through the Stamp Mill can be used in electric power, steel, metallurgy and other industries. The quality of pulverized coal determines the efficiency of the whole process, and the ordinary Stamp Mill cannot meet the production requirements of pulverized coal production. Therefore, the use of large vertical Stamp Mill powder machine to process pulverized coal has been widely recognized by the market for its high production efficiency.

Second field: non-metallic minerals in the field of milling

Non-metallic minerals have become more and more popular because of their functions of filling, modification, energy saving and substitution. With the development of mineral deep processing technology, the demand for high-purity, high-fineness, and superior non-metallic mineral powder has become large, and it has also been applied in high-tech and new materials.

The use of Stamp Mill for processing non-metallic minerals not only enables the preparation of ultrafine powders of objects, but also enables material modification and improved utilization.

Third field: slag powder field

The advantages of the Stamp Mill for slag powder are very significant and are concentrated in the following aspects:

1. Low investment cost: Since the Stamp Mill is a grinding equipment that integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying, the structure is compact, the floor space is small, and it can be arranged in the open air, so the investment cost is small;

2. Low energy consumption: The machine is crushed by rolling the material on the grinding disc by the grinding roller, the energy consumption is low, and the wear of the grinding roller and the like is small, and the metal consumption is small.

3, the quality of the finished product is excellent: the Stamp Mill has a short residence time in the grinding when grinding the slag powder, which is beneficial to the reasonable control of the chemical composition of the material. Moreover, the equipment wear is small, so that the iron content in the finished powder is small, and the purity of the finished product is high.

4. Strong drying efficiency: For the grinding of slag, the hot air system of Stamp Mill has strong drying ability, which can meet the requirements of different humidity materials by adjusting the hot air temperature.

5, good environmental benefits: Stamp Mill work in small vibration, low noise, the overall seal and the system works under negative pressure, no dust spill, fully meet the national environmental requirements.

The above is the characteristics of the application field of Stamp Mill introduced by Shanghai Shibang. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Shanghai Shibang!

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