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Potash feldspar can also be called Orthodox, which belongs to monoclinic system. It has high hardness, high melting point, various colors and high utilization value. It is widely used in glass, chemical, ceramic, chemical and other fields. The feldspar resources are mainly distributed in Anhui, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places.


Potash feldspar processing requires the use of a Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill for milling. Since there are many suppliers of Ultra-Fine Grinding Mills on the market, customers do not know which Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill is better when they choose. Here Recommend SBM Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill for everyone, the specific recommended reasons are as follows.


SBM Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill advantage


1. Vertical structure, small size, light weight, very convenient to move, the complete performance of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill is very good, from the grinding of the K-feldspar to the post-packing can be done independently without the help of With the help of other Ultra-Fine Grinding Mills, the finish is still very good.


2. The screening efficiency is high. Compared with other Ultra-Fine Grinding Mills, the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill can achieve a screening efficiency of 99%, which is not possible with other Ultra-Fine Grinding Mills.


3, the sealing performance is good, so that the dust can not enter the inside of the machine, the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill runs more stable, more safe and reliable, all parts are made of good material processing, wear resistance and impact resistance is very good, reduce The maintenance cost of parts.


4, high degree of automation, electrical system centralized control is very strong, can achieve unmanned operation can do a good job, and operation and maintenance is very convenient.


 SBM’s own advantages


1, excellent quality


The SBM Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill uses materials and new processes to make the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill have strong wear resistance, reduce friction during operation, and there is a staff member in the process of production. There are any quality defects, and the probability of failure is very low, which reduces the maintenance cost of the customer.


2, price advantage


Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill, the price is also affordable in the industry, because SBM is a very formal Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill supplier, the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill will not be arbitrarily priced, and the price of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill is set. More affordable.


 3, service advantages


SBM can provide customers with high standard service, which is not available to other suppliers. It can help customers choose the right type of Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill, and can also customize Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill for customers to meet any requirements of customers and develop for customers. There is also a 24-hour service call, any questions can be called at any time for consultation, our staff will have time to answer your questions.

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