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Reasons for frequent vibration of Ultra Wet Grinders

Guide: The Ultra Wet Grinder is a device that integrates the automation of mechanical hydraulics, but in the production, there are occasions when the Ultra Wet Grinder frequently vibrates and stops. What is the cause?

When the Ultra Wet Grinder is running, it sometimes finds that the current and vibration are too large, which is manifested by poor stability and frequent tripping, which affects the yield and raw material quality. Then, due to frequent startup, the power consumption increases, which affects the safe operation of the Ultra Wet Grinder. The reason for this analysis and processing is described below.

The reasons for the vibration stop are various. In the specific production, if there is a large amount of powdery materials, the dust concentration will increase, the pressure difference will increase sharply, the ventilation resistance will increase, and the normal running track of the airflow will be destroyed. The ability to lift the gas is reduced. If the material is not reduced in a timely manner, the necessary adjustments will soon cause the Ultra Wet Grinder to stop. In severe cases, a falling roller will cause severe vibration. If a large amount of powdery material is suddenly into the grinding, the Ultra Wet Grinder suddenly stops and suddenly does not even adjust the time, so this situation is more serious.

Since the material layer is thin, it is difficult to stabilize the material layer, and if the water spray device is not used, the grinding temperature can not be controlled high, so as to prevent the material from being too loose, causing the Ultra Wet Grinder to vibrate. The judgment of the reason of the vibration stop and the grinding method: the pressure difference of the Ultra Wet Grinder is rapidly reduced, the temperature of the grinding mill is rapidly increased, and then the vibration of the Ultra Wet Grinder is high, and the vibration is stopped. In this case, the three valves are generally stuck and broken. Since the stuck material is sent into the mill, the material in the mill is not flat, and the normal grinding can be taken first.

If the bed is too thin, it will form more severe vibrations. The factors affecting the thickness of the layer are feeding amount, material particle size, air volume and air leakage, powder selection efficiency, roller pressure, block ring height, material moisture content and water spray volume, and hot air temperature. This type of vibration trip is characterized by the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet pressures at the moment of vibration, and the main motor current rises at the same time, without any indication before the oscillation. Unreasonable ventilation in the mill is an important reason for the thickness of the bed.

The judgment of the vibration stop of the Ultra Wet Grinder after the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding method: The Ultra Wet Grinder is very easy to vibrate in the later operation, and there are many reasons for the vibration stop. It is important to be able to correctly determine the cause and to detect faults in time to reduce downtime.

Being able to understand these phenomena correctly will greatly help our production. In the case of production problems, you can also contact the Ultra Wet Grinder supplier, Shanghai Shibang will certainly carry out good after-sales service.

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