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How to do the cold and antifreeze work of the Vertical Mill?

Autumn is over, will winter be far behind? As an important mineral processing equipment, in many dressing sites, the Vertical Mill is still in the “hard work”, the winter weather is cold, and the anti-freeze and cold-proof work of the Vertical Mill can improve the working efficiency of the Vertical Mill. So, how do you do the cold and antifreeze work of the Vertical Mill?

First, do a good job of component insulation

Before the onset of cold winter, it is necessary to carry out a seasonal maintenance of the equipment, comprehensively check the technical condition of the equipment, do a good job of keeping the relevant parts warm, and use the insulation material to wrap the parts of the instrument that are easy to freeze or freeze, and check in winter. Frequent sewage discharge, prevent the insulation material of the package from being damaged, and do a good job of keeping the Vertical Mill parts warm, which can greatly improve the running performance of the Vertical Mill and improve the grinding revenue. Relevant staff should learn the knowledge of Vertical Mill insulation.

Second, preheating before feeding

At normal temperature, the Vertical Mill needs to be preheated before feeding. In the winter with lower temperature, it should be preheated. Before starting, it should be fully inspected during the cold winter. The relevant components of the Vertical Mill may freeze. If the feed is rushed, it may cause equipment failure. Before the feed is produced, it shall be idle for a few minutes. After the Vertical Mill is stable, the electromagnetic vibration feed is started. In the feeding process, during the feeding process, it is necessary to observe the current stability at all times. If the current is too large, it is necessary to stop the inspection in time.

Third, replace the lubricant, hydraulic oil

The Vertical Mill is mainly composed of a cylinder, a ring gear, a gear, a base, a lining plate, a main bearing, a feeding device, a discharging device, etc., and the moving crusher main shaft and the hollow journal, the large gear, Lubrication of the ring gear, replacement of appropriate lubrication, hydraulic oil, combined with local temperature selection, generators with water working equipment and cold water circulation system, should be drained according to regulations, to avoid serious icing inside.

Fourth, timely clean up the grinding site

It is prone to snow and ice accumulation in winter. It is necessary to clean up the facilities around the Vertical Mill. It is equipped with a person responsible for the elimination of accumulated water, ice and snow deposits and debris in the Vertical Mill site to ensure the Vertical Mill. There is no water accumulation and icing at the work site. The construction site of the Vertical Mill should have windproof and snow-proof devices. It is not allowed to enter the indoor related equipment. The hangar should be set up. The large-scale machinery stored in the open air should be parked in the sheltered area.

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