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Thin oil lubrication system for Vertical Mill

Guide: With the continuous development of the mine milling industry, the Vertical Mill powder machine has also been widely used in the milling industry, but some users in the Vertical Mill use process, due to some improper operation, resulting in the machine Oil spills, and this article has consulted relevant experts on this issue to answer your questions.

Q: What lubrication method is used in the lubrication system used in the Vertical Mill?

A: Because the Vertical Mill adopts the whole structure, that is, it is a mill that integrates crushing, drying, milling and grading and conveying, it adopts the vertical structure, that is, the machine host is located below. Installed above is the classifier. There are two parts in the vertical structure, namely the grinding part and the powder part, and the company’s designers use different lubrication methods for the two parts. The grinding part is the thin oil lubrication system. The upper classifier uses a manual lubrication method.

Q: In the thin oil lubrication system of Vertical Mill, if the machine has oil leakage, what is the reason?

Answer: Because the Vertical Mill thin oil lubrication system is generally first added to the hydraulic cylinder or other parts of the storage lubricant, and then the machine will work under the pressure according to a certain flow sequence. The flow finally flows out from the outlet and then enters at the same inlet. However, during the flow of the lubricating oil, an oil temperature indicator is installed to measure the oil temperature, the filter to filter the impurities in the lubricating oil, and the like. The function can help the lubrication system of the machine go smoothly. However, when the above equipment is installed, if the installation part is tight, oil leakage may occur; in addition, when the oil pipe is aging, oil leakage may occur; afterwards, the lubrication system is not tightly sealed, and oil leakage may also occur.

Q: What kind of measures need to be taken to solve the oil leakage phenomenon in the thin oil lubrication system of the Vertical Mill?

Answer: After the general oil spill occurs, when the oil leakage is serious, it needs to be shut down immediately for maintenance. The specific steps of the overhaul are as follows: firstly drain the lubricating oil in the lubrication system; then disassemble the lubrication system; then check the wear and aging of the components and repair them, and clean the parts after the repair, especially The bearing is used to prevent the bearing from being worn out due to the dust in the parts. After that, the parts are installed according to the installation sequence, and the sealing condition should be carefully checked after installation, and then the oil is tested.

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