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Vertical Roller Mill

The Vertical Roller Mill produced by SBM adopts the relatively advanced technology in the industry and combines the actual production situation in China to develop a relatively new grinding equipment, which is in line with the current trend of high efficiency and energy saving. The equipment has been launched and has been well received by a large number of users. And trust, the number of sales in the market is far away, and has a place.

Vertical Roller Mill supplier

The Vertical Roller Mill produced by SBM has been re-improved by the expert technical team to make the structural design more scientific and reasonable, the performance and technology are further improved, and the excellent comprehensive production performance is trusted by users.

1. The driving device and grinding consumption of Shibang Vertical Roller Mill are rationally matched, the production process is optimized, the resistance of the transmission is reduced, energy consumption is greatly saved, and the production cost of the user is reduced.

2. The filling amount of the grinding medium is improved, the ratio between the grinding material and the grinding material is reasonable, the friction between the lining plate and the grinding body is increased, and the grinding efficiency is improved.

3. The design of the inlet and outlet ports is reasonable, the strength of the inlet and outlet is increased, the flexibility of discharge is increased, and the user can configure the iron removal device according to his own production needs.

4. Optimize the transmission device, slow down the impact inertia in the production process, maintain the stable operation of the equipment, increase the coefficient of safety production, reduce the time for equipment shutdown and improve production efficiency.

5. The liner and other wearable parts of Shibang Vertical Roller Mill are made of high-quality alloy materials, which have good wear resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance, and effectively enhance the use strength of the equipment. ,Extended service life.

Vertical Roller Mill advantage

1, the price is affordable

The Vertical Roller Mill produced by SBM has improved production technology and methods, improved production efficiency, saved time in production equipment, and saved the cost of production equipment. In addition, our sales method is also direct sales. The user directly negotiates with the supplier to purchase, saves a lot of time and expenses, and enjoys the supplier’s preferential treatment. The sales policy of “small profits but quick turnover” makes the single piece of equipment Prices are not set high, so our Vertical Roller Mills are cheap.

2, service quality

For the user’s service, we set up a professional customer service team to solve all kinds of problems for users 24 hours a day, from pre-sales to after-sales service for the user, timely and professional solutions to all kinds of problems encountered by users.

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