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Use Precautions of Wear Parts For Grinding Mill

1, in strict accordance with the “Grinding Mill rules” to operate, Grinding Mill running in good condition if not directly related to the normal operation of the production line, in particular, Wear Parts For Grinding Mill products closely related to the degree of wear process energy consumption, the initial use of new Grinding Mill units produced high, the current, vibration values are small, with the increasing amount of wear resistant parts, and its current and vibration values continue to rise, Taiwan production decreased energy consumption increases, so wear parts wear to a certain when the extent of the need for timely replacement in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

2, promptly establish and improve “Wear Parts For Grinding Mill use and replacement of accounting” on the replacement of the old roll down the skin and liner wear parts and other equipment to promptly report in writing the Ministry, the report states require replacement of the wear parts time, total time and production, supply vendors, wear and other data, in order to equip the Ministry of arrangements related companies, mills wear parts suppliers be inspected in a timely manner can arrange surfacing welding repair to ensure resistance grinding ordered workpiece.

3, Wear Parts For Grinding Mill length of life, not only with the grindability of grinding material, but also to change the ratio of materials with composition changes, such as changes due process requirements of ingredients in particular, to use sandstone or plus a large proportion of the content of the sandstone, the need for timely tracking, checking the progress of wear parts wear and equipment written report filed with the Ministry.

4, in order to effectively improve Wear Parts For Grinding Mill especially raw Wear Parts For Grinding Mill’s life, to prevent excessive iron phenomenon, the scene most of the Grinding Mill into the grinding belt separator is installed in its tail, while the raw mill Scum recycling bucket transporters are also installed at the separator can effectively remove the raw material of iron, part of a larger installation space due to a subsidiary site has been installed into the grinding belt separator machine head (in the Scum bucket blanking cycle point before), this time to install a separator to meet iron requirements, depending on the situation of each subsidiary should be conducted to determine the alteration or addition to the effect of magnetic separator to ensure the removal of iron.

5, Wear Parts For Grinding Mill production, processing cycle generally in three months or so, taking into account transportation and other uncertainties, the delivery time is slightly extended, the subsidiary at the time of the declaration and plan to co-ordinate the assessment of spare parts to consider , to declare in advance, so as not to affect the normal supply of Wear Parts For Grinding Mill spare parts.

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